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Download When you store important information on your computer, the best option available to make sure that it doesn’t occupy too much space and that the files are stored securely is to save them within a compressed file protected by means of a password. The problem may arise if the user can’t remember the password that has been used to protect the file, for these cases it is necessary to resort to a password recovery application. Using RAR Password Cracker is very simple, because it allows you to use customized dictionaries or the brute force method, you’ll only have to select the file that you want to have access to and wait for the program to offer the results after analyzing it. Furthermore, RAR Password Cracker offers you the possibility to add more than one file to each search project, making the full process a lot quicker.
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RAR Password Cracker

You can’t even write passwords at random places because there is always at risk of the passwords being stolen and accounts being hacked. Unless you are using a strong password manager, forgetting passwords is something that will happen after every short while so you should know how to deal with the issue.

A similar issue is to recover RAR file password. It gets difficult to carry out the process manually which is why a software approach is recommended. Below we are going to talk about few of the RAR file password crackers and see which of them the best RAR password cracker is. Key Features: Just drag and drop the file in the software window and your password will be cracked.

It uses three types of attacks Brute force attack, brute force attack with mask and dictionary attack. It works efficiently if you remember any information related to the forgotten password. Passwords longer than 6 to 7 characters are very difficult to crack if you do not remember any information related to the password. It recovers passwords in the shortest time and that too without any data loss or file damage. Download and install the Refixer and click the “Open” button.

Choose one of the recovery type options from drop down menu and recover password. You can stop and resume the recovery process as per your wish.

Free technical support is always there in case you need it. It utilizes brute, brute force with mask and dictionary attacks. The speed of password recovery depends on the version of the archived file.

Recovery for older versions will be faster. However, the password cannot be recovered instantaneously as it requires a lot of resources. It is best for passwords with less than 5 characters as it uses brute force attack to search for the password.

It works at a very high speed i. Its processing speed is pretty high as it uses multi-core CPU and it can recover lost passwords within seconds. You can also set the program priority and more CPU power will be allocated to it. The more CPU cores result in faster password recovery speed. You can speed up the process by taking advantage of the multi-threading technology. If the password recovery process is suspended, then it will resume automatically the next time.

The computer will also shut down automatically when the password recovery is done. Free and timely tech support is always there for you to avail. It can use all the character combinations and provides result in shortest time span. You can specify the password length, limit character lengths and even use masking option to ensure precise and speedy recovery. This software is easy-to-install and easy-to-use.

All you need to do for recovering your password is just to drag and drop your file to the program window. You are able to start, pause, resume or stop the recovery process. Conclusion From the above article, it must now be very clear to you on how you can recover your RAR password if it is lost or forgotten.

RAR file password crackers are easily available online, all you have to do is buy or download their free links to start the process. You will find software for all the operating systems, for instance RAR password cracker Mac systems.

Publisher’s Description

The program finds by “bruteforce”, or “dictionay” “wordlist” method. Self-extracting and multivolume archives are supported. Last update 1 Apr. However, I liked it better than other tools because it’s easy to use and has useful features. It supports two operation modes. It uses either brute force to crack your password, or the dictionary method.

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Forgot passwords to open your RAR archives RAR Password Unlocker is the best solution It is an efficient tool to help you recover forgotten passwords from. This program recovers lost passwords for RAR and WinRAR archives of versions and Recovery (crack) of forgotten RAR/WinRAR passwords. To ensure that there is no virus inside the download, please click the link next to the download and.

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