Windows 8: Introduction to Key Features

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For this year they are releasing a new version of windows that will be called windows 8 that will have features that are improvements form the other versions. Some of these features include Support systems This will be the first operating system from Windows that can be able to operate on both the older personal computers and the tablets that are based on ARM. This will enable the user to have a wide range of devices such as laptops that are extremely light in weight, batteries that have a longer life span and can last for long, screens that are of high definition with a display of 27 inches.
windows 8 os features

Advanced Features Of Windows 8

Windows 8: Introduction to Key Features ibarena , Posted on December 4, , filed in: Microsoft Introduction Windows 8 was released on October 26, Windows 8 There are 4 new distinct versions of Windows 8 that are available: Windows 8 Pro is designed for the heavy computer user and business user.

Windows 8 Enterprise is designed for businesses, particularly the IT organisations within a business, and contains tools which allow the IT organisation to manage their Windows 8 desktops including network file services.

Windows RT is a special version of Windows which was designed to run on portable devices with ARM-based processors such as tablet computers. Windows RT comes preinstalled on these devices along with touch optimised versions of Microsoft Office applications: Unlike its bigger brothers, this version of Windows does not allow the user to run any existing Windows application software that the user may have installed previously in earlier versions of Windows.

It is noteworthy to mention, that the Windows RT version devices are not able to connect to Windows domains. The Metro UI is the new touchscreen friendly interface that was designed to allow tablet, phone and other portable devices quick and easy access to Windows Apps and other functionality. It could be just what you are looking for if you still want to use the Windows 7 look and feel.

User Login The user login process has changed so that gestures can be used when the home screen has been locked. After 5 wrong attempts than the system will prompt the user to enter a text password. Xbox Live, Music, Video Messenger Multi-Monitor Support in previous iterations of Windows, it was possible to have multiple monitors but only the primary monitor would show the task-bar.

In Windows 8, each monitor has its own independent task-bar. Internet Explorer 10 Internet Explorer 10 is the new browser version from Microsoft that is specifically optimised for Windows 8. As with previous versions of Internet Explorer, flash video is still supported. Conclusion Windows 8 upgrades are available from your local retailer, so you do not need to buy a new computer, in order to try out Windows 8. There are also many additional features not described in this summary that you may wish to check out.

Whether you choose to upgrade your existing Windows or purchase a new device, tablet or desktop computer, be aware that Windows 8 is out there, and Microsoft is hoping it will be your new operating system of choice. Other Interesting Posts.


Computerworld PT Upgrades, system migration, support headaches — IT folks are probably dreading the next major Windows rollout. Yet Windows 8, which is scheduled to move to the beta stage in late February and will likely launch in the fall, does offer several compelling new features for both IT and end users. The Metro interface See slideshow. By far the most talked-about aspect of Windows 8 is the Metro interface. As with Windows Phone 7, you can swipe to navigate through tiles showing live Web info like stocks and news as well as more traditional apps. But Pund-IT analyst Charles King questions whether businesses will really see benefits from Metro, saying it is mainly just a new paint job over the existing Windows interface. Windows 10 Redstone:

VIDEO: The Complete List of New Features in Windows 8

ASUS innovation has also resulted in dedicated Windows 8-tailored features such ASUS Boot Setting, all tapping the capabilities of the new operating system. If you want to run Windows or Windows 8 on your PC, here’s what it takes. Additional requirements to use certain features: To use touch. After years of criticism that the OS came in too many different editions, ” Windows 8 Pro” is for business users and includes features for.

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