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Windows 7 users must be running Service Pack 1 to enable the update. At one point, Windows 8 users were required to upgrade to Windows 8. Microsoft representatives confirmed that this is no longer the case, though—Windows 8 will do just fine.
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Difference Between Windows 8 And Windows 8 Pro

Windows 7 users must be running Service Pack 1 to enable the update. At one point, Windows 8 users were required to upgrade to Windows 8. Microsoft representatives confirmed that this is no longer the case, though—Windows 8 will do just fine. Just to be safe, though, back up all critical documents, photos, videos, and whatever else you deem important onto an external storage device of some sort.

Just to double-check, I completed the upgrade on my last home PC, and I captured it on video in two parts. Microsoft advises that the initial Windows 10 download will be about 3GB in size.

I found that on a 75Mbps home broadband connection, that took a bit more than 20 minutes. Because the PC I was upgrading contained a regular old hard drive, however, it seemed like the installation took forever: If you own a newer computer with an SSD, however, expect the installation to proceed much faster. Be advised that Microsoft may then ask you to perform several additional updates to make Windows 10 current, so allow considerable time, on the order of possibly a few hours. Once the installation phase completes, your PC will reboot and the upgrade phase will begin.

During this time, Windows will show an animation of a large circle slowly being drawn onscreen to indicate how the upgrade is proceeding, plus a more detailed view at the bottom of the screen.

After my upgrade was completed, I was rather unceremoniously dumped into Windows From there, though, the process may begin anew. Your beloved Minesweeper will be revamped for Windows Microsoft is going to install its own DVD-playing app into Windows 10 to replace it: Likewise, Windows 7 desktop gadgets will be uninstalled. Finally, Microsoft will uninstall, then reinstall, your antivirus application. Be sure and check this after upgrading, though Microsoft should also warn you if anything is amiss via its fly-in notifications.

I found that my antimalware solution and firewall survived the upgrade process just fine, but the firewall was turned off. Windows Defender should enable both a firewall and antivirus solution if both are missing. Speech recognition will work best with a high-fidelity microphone array; no surprise there. With Windows, updating typically takes a while. Your best bet is to kick off the process during the evening, do some laundry or watch some TV, and check back every so often. But what if you want to go back?

If you wish, you can revert back from Windows 10 to your older operating system within a day window. Once that 31 days expires, though, the upgrade is permanent! A clean install is sometimes a good idea—and another reason to back up your files. To downgrade to Windows 8. Before you revert, though, play it safe: Grab a copy of your Windows 10 product key.

Copy it down and squirrel it away. Your final step: This tutorial was updated on April 27, , with the latest information.

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File Size: This version does not have a edition name, it was just ‘Windows 8’ or you can call it ‘core’ version. In terms of features, the core version has fewer features than Pro and Enterprise, but almost all the general and new features are available, such as the new UI, Windows Store app, picture password etc. General information for all editions Windows 8 the successor to Windows 7 was released to the public on October 26, , with a new redesigned user interface that makes it easy to use Windows on tablets and touchscreen devices. The new interface for the operating system was based on Microsoft’s ‘Metro’ design language, which was later continued unchanged in Windows 8. In Windows 8, the Start button was removed from the taskbar, and a new charms bar was added to the right side of the screen. A new start screen was added by changing the Start menu, which includes a list of app tiles with live update option.

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We are trying to reinstall windows 8 on my friend’s laptop on a bare Hybrid Solid State Drive. Note-you’ll need to download from a PC with the same Architecture (64/32bit) as the Target Machine. recourse is to try one of the basic install disks advertised on Ebay, or apply to . Home Forums Contact us. Windows RT’s name is a bit odd – it isn’t even called Windows 8, it’s technically It’s most similar to the “Home Premium” edition of Windows 7. Windows 8 latest version: Good for tablets: touchscreen operation, new apps and the ISO file as a virtual drive with a utility such as Virtual CloneDrive and start.

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