How to Forget a Wi-Fi Network Profile in Windows 10 and 8.1

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Today we will show you the easiest ways to delete a Wi-Fi hotspot profile in Windows 10 and 8. It is quite important to clear unwanted profiles to prevent your laptop from automatically connecting to insecure or vulnerable hotspots. You should remember that hotspots protected with vulnerable security modes WEP, WPA represent a horrible danger to your banking credentials and personal data.
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Deleting Saved Wi-Fi Network Absolutely on Windows 10

You may run into some situations when you really need it: Right-click on the network name Select Forget: Method 2. As you may know, the method 1 was brought to us by Fall Creators update released on October Do the following: Right-click the network icon in the Taskbar.

Select Open Network and Internet Settings. Click Wi-Fi in the right pane of the Settings. Click on the Manage known networks link: Method 3 for Geeks and Admins: All you need to do is: Open powershell or command prompt. Now you will see all the profiles saved on the current computer. Find the one you wish to get rid of. And deleting a wireless profile is a marvelous opportunity! Here is what you do: Open the registry editor. Right-click it and select Delete to delete a whole registry key.

In the comments tell us which way of deleting a Wi-Fi network profiles do you prefer and why. Enjoy using Wi-Fi! Network and Internet issues Windows 10 Post navigation.

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When you connect for first time to a new Wireless Network, Windows stores all the information for that Wireless Network under a new Network profile. The profile contains important details about the Wireless connection, such the Network Name SSID , the password and the encryption method. Over the time, the list of profiles is increased and may contains details for wireless networks that you don’t need anymore, or may there is the need to remove a stored network profile, in order to re-connect to it by using a new password Wireless Key. To remove a stored Wireless network in Windows

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If you have a reason to no longer connect some WiFi network, you can make Windows 10 forget it. Here is how. How to Forget or Delete a Wireless Network in Windows (Remove/Delete/ Forget Wireless Network profiles in Windows 10). Delete Wi-Fi Networks in Windows. Select the Wi-Fi profile you want to delete and select Forget to delete the profile. User-added image.

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