Change network type from Public to Private in Windows 10

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February 13, Created By: Manjeet Verma Total Views: While this is a welcome feature when you’re at these places, it prevents your computer from any communication with other devices in your local network which is not helpful if you are trying to transfer some photos between your mobile and your computer for example. Click the appropriate subcategory on the left, depending on the type of network connection that you use.
windows 10 change network to private

How to Change Network from Public to Private in Windows 10

Network Types Public Network A public network is the default network type. If no network type is selected, Windows will configure Windows Firewall using the Public network type rules. In public network, Windows Firewall rules will be the most restrictive. The firewall will block most of the apps from connecting from the Internet and disabling some features like file and printer sharing, network discovery and automatic setup of network devices etc. You should use this type of network when you have only one computer and do not want to communicate with any other network device.

Private Network The private network can be a home network or work network. This type of network will enable most networking features of Windows 10 like file sharing, network device setup, network discovery etc.

Use this network type if you trust the network you are connecting to. Domain Network The domain network is automatically detected when your computer is a member of Active Directory domain network.

Windows should automatically detect this type of network and configure Windows Firewall accordingly. This type of network gives more control to the network administrator and the admin can apply different network security configurations using Active Directory group policies.

What is the current network type of your computer? Before going through the ways to change network type in Windows 10, we need to see what is the current network type of the connected network. To check the current network type settings, follow the steps below: Press the Yes button if you want your network to be set to Home or Work and No button if you want to be in public network. This corresponds to the no. Select each sub-key of the Profiles and look for the ProfileName key in the right hand pane.

This will give you the name of the network so that you can easily recognize which network you want to change. After identifying the right sub-key, you can change the Category DWORD value in the right hand pane to change the network type of that particular network.

Value data can be 0 for Public network, 1 for Private network and 2 for Domain network. This will list all the networks in the right hand pane. Double click your desired network, go to Network Location tab. Change the Network location type to either Not configured, private or public. If you want to do this for all the connected networks, you can double click All Networks instead of your desired network.

This will change the network type immediately. Must Read Articles:

Way 1: HomeGroup in Control Panel

In the past you could change it via HomeGroup but Microsoft just removed this HomeGroup feature version in and so you might be wonder if there is other way to do it. When you connect Windows 10 to wired or wireless network the first time, by default it will be set to Public network if you did not enable your computer to be discoverable to other devices on the network. The issue arises is when you want to change it to other network type such as private as you just cannot do it in netwotk status window directly in the past you can do this easily in Windows 7. Although you will be shown the existing network type, but you cannot click on it to change it.

VIDEO: How to Change Network from Public to Private in Windows 10

from control panel search for “Change Connection Properties” Windows assumes that your private networks–like your home or work networks–are trusted # Peter Martin: then you have it. click Start button click Settings. When you configure the Network on Windows 10 computer, you can choose to make it Public or Private. However, if the option to change the. Just like in previous versions of Windows, Windows 10 allows your PC to categorize its network connections as either Public or Private.

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