Slow Windows 7 Boot? One ReadyBoot Fix (that you’ll want to apply probably anyways)

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Well, after tried it, i DID improved the loading time of Windows. A LOT and no, it’s not a placebo effect. Try it out. I can assure that it is working.
what is readyboot



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Overview[ edit ] Using ReadyBoost-capable flash memory NAND memory devices for caching allows Windows Vista and later to service random disk reads with better performance than without the cache. This caching applies to all disk content, not just the page file or system DLLs. The device must be capable of 2. Windows 7 also supports the newer exFAT file system.

VIDEO: How to fix session “readyboot” stopped due to the following error: 0xc

I opened Performance Monitor and found that ReadyBoot (located under “Data Collector Sets” -> “Startup Event Trace Sessions”) was disabled. Hello, I am trying to figure out how to permanently disable the “ReadyBoot” feature in Windows 7 x64 (note: I am not talking about ReadyBoost. %SystemRoot%\Prefetch\ReadyBoot. The following files can be found in the ReadyBoot directory:; Trace*.fx;.

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