Top 12 Best Free Movie Apps for iPhone or iPad in 2019

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By Robert Zak — Posted on Jan 27, in Android Android is a great platform for watching your favourite films, whether from the palm of your hand or beamed onto a vivid 4K smart TV. While apps like Netflix and Amazon Prime need no introduction, there are actually quite a few movie-viewing apps out there that are completely free, with tons of films, quite a few ads, and no overheads. Here are our picks of the best free movie apps you can get for Android. Crackle The go-to name when it comes to free movie apps. And it has Cabin in the Woods — one of the best meta-horror movies ever made!
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5 Best Free Movie Apps for Android

By Elsie Biage — Posted on Mar 18, in iOS There are plenty of reasons why cinephiles and movie buffs have ditched movie theaters in the current era. Besides the prices of movie tickets, snacking, parking, etc. Today, you no longer have to wait outside a cinema or stop by the home video store to pick up a DVD. If you thought free apps only come with Android , think again. You can also stream TV shows straight from your device and catch up on the go.

Here are our top picks for the best free movie apps for iPhone. Popcornflix This on-demand, free movie app allows you to watch free movies with a ton of options in a variety of genres from drama, action, thrillers, horrors, and more. While you may not find the latest Hollywood blockbuster in its catalog, you will find some classics and low-key gems in there. A section is included in the app for new arrivals, Popcornflix originals, and the most popular Popcornflix movies. A few featured movies scroll across the main page, and you can browse through movies by genre.

If your kids want to watch cartoons or animations from your iPhone, Popcornflix also offers a separate app just for them. The interface is the same, the only difference is the films are just for kids. Stream Popcornflix via a free iOS app or browser, but be ready for the ads, though these are usually fairly short. This versatile service can be used to watch movies for free, but also live TV and streaming on-demand movies.

Crackle Before Sony acquired and renamed this movie app to Crackle , the service operated as Grouper and has been around for quite some time. It offers lots of free movie options with captions and supports lots of devices and regular web browsers. Also included is a backlog of TV shows in different genres. Plus, you need not sign in to watch TV shows or movies, unless you really want to. It also organizes movies into categories like new or most popular from different genres.

However, if you want a list of all the free movies, you can visit their site and search for the one you want to watch on your iPhone. Lots of high quality movies from classics to the latest box office hits are available, with new movies added often. Tubi Tubi is an easy-to-use movie app that offers all genres, with featured films scrolling across at the top of the app, as they do on its desktop website.

The service offers decently high streaming quality with ads, but you need an account to stream content. Do you have a favorite free movie app for iPhone? Comment below. Is this article useful?

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The main reason is that you can carry the device wherever you go and navigate not only Live TV programs but also free movie apps. You can easily watch TV programs including free movies even while you can inside a speedy train. In this article, we list the top 6 best free movie apps for iPhone and iPad. You will be able to install the free movie apps for iOS platforms.

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Gone are the days when everyone would rush over to their television sets to catch their favorite movie or TV show. So here is a list of best free. Here are the best legal free movie apps for Android! Sony’s Crackle is one of the most popular free movie apps on mobile. It boasts a bunch of hit titles, various TV shows, and a bunch of genres to choose from. Crunchyroll and Funimation are two of the most popular anime streaming. With regards to entertainment, movies and films is the primary thing that strikes your psyche. Nowadays, cell phones are outfitted with greater.

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