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While the monthly plan is expensive, the yearly plan is more than affordable. And, while the clients and apps work like a clock, there are some minor issues with the interface. The impressive connection speed is what this VPN is known for. Furthermore, the VPN service can simultaneously protect up to 7 devices. With 15 million users around the world and the reputation of a respectable company, this team is in the top-5 of the most popular VPNs.
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Besides this, they are also a fairly new company, being founded in May Which is why we are making this review that will go deep into everything about VirtualShield and give you all the details so you can see for yourself how good this VPN really is. But how do they do this? They have their own special feature when it comes to security and privacy, called IdentiSafe.

This feature is a sort of anti-spy application and its main purpose is to secure your microphone and webcam from unwanted spying. It also prevents tracking, and much more. All other major VPNs have the same thing basically, often much more. VirtualShield has just decided to pack it an interestingly named feature in order to make it special. Fortunately, VirtualShield does encrypt your WiFi, which is certainly a plus for them.

With this important feature, you will be able to protect your browsing from strangers and potential hackers. They are not major problems, and they do occur with several VPN providers, but they are definitely something that should be avoided. Besides the clients, VirtualShield also offers extensions for all major browsers, including Opera, which is not a browser that usually gets extensions from VPN providers. If you are not already familiar, a killswitch is a feature that will shut down your internet connection if the connection to your VPN server suddenly drops for whatever reason.

Naturally, they offer a 1-month plan, 12 months plan, 24 months plan, and a 36 months plan. Each is cheaper than the one before it. The good thing is that they offer a free trial on all of their plans that lasts for 30 days. VirtualShield offers no money back guarantees, which is certainly understandable as they do offer a long-lasting free trial. Customer Support The customer support section of VirtualShield is fairly decent, as they offer help via support tickets and live chat.

The people working in customer support are unfortunately not available all the time, even on the live chat, but this is basically a normality for most smaller VPN providers as they simply do not have enough people working for them. This is why we still want to say that their customer support service is sufficiently good for a VPN of their size.

Furthermore, if you want to find help on your own, VirtualShield does offer a comprehensive knowledgebase on their website, which you can visit at any time. There are no reviews yet.

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It secures your location, and use anonymous location. Hence it keeps your character and private exercises e. Therefore, The program will likewise secure the greater part of your web get, so you never again need to qualms when surfing the Internet. The nonappearance of movement logs additionally makes the application Avira Phantom Vpn Pro key is progressively supported by individuals today.

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X-VPN – Free Unlimited VPN Proxy (Android +). By Free Connected Limited · Free Connected Limited X-VPN – Free Unlimited VPN. A torrent VPN should be fast, reliable, private, and support P2P, above Add responsive and professional customer support, along with a. 6 days ago Basic interface show additionally makes the product Avira Phantom Vpn Pro Torrent is anything but difficult to use by amateurs, however.

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