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Because the virtualbox extension provide you addon functions such as virtual USB 2. But when you install it, you may find the installation can not be completed succefully, this articel will tell you how to install it correctly. Get Your Virtualbox Version. The main reason for failing install virtualbox extension is because you choose wrong version of the extension package, so before you install the virtualbox extension pack, you should get your virtualbox version at first follow below steps.

Oracle VM VirtualBox Extension Pack

If you have not installed VirtualBox Extension Pack yet, it is time to install it in order to unlock advanced VirtualBox features. What is the VirtualBox Extension Pack? The Extension pack adds the following functionality: Support for USB 2. USB devices such as network adapters, flash drives, hard disks, web cams etc.

Host webcam pass-through. With this feature you can connect your host webcam to a guest machine. The advantage is that you can use a webcam which is not supported by the guest operating system of your VM. Imagine that you are using a webcam on a Windows-based host machine you have all official Windows drivers for the webcam.

This feature allows you to control virtual machines remotely via the VirtualBox interface even if you cannot connect directly to a VM for example, if the virtual network of a VM is not configured properly or disabled. You must have connectivity with a host machine to use this feature. Disk image encryption with AES algorithm. Data stored on virtual disk images can be encrypted transparently for a guest OS. As a result, your VM data is encrypted even if the VM is copied from your protected storage to another location.

The XTS encryption mode is used with bit or bit data encryption keys. PXE is a pre-boot execution environment that is used for network booting. A single extension pack file is suitable for multiple supported host operating systems on which VirtualBox can work, and is installed using the VirtualBox interface.

Save the downloaded Extension Pack file to a custom location. After a fresh installation of VirtualBox, there are no extensions packages installed. Browse the file you have downloaded above. VirtualBox notifies you that you are about to install a VirtualBox extension pack. Wait a few seconds while the files are being copied. After closing this notification window, you will see VirtualBox Extension pack in the list of extension packages.

Read and accept the license agreement. Then enter your password to continue installation and wait for a few seconds while VirtualBox Extension Pack is being installed on your mac. After finishing installation, you should see the notification message: There is one more method, however, for installing extension packs in VirtualBox — installation from the command line interface CLI.

In Windows, go to the VirtualBox installation directory. If you do not wish to change the directory in the command line manually every time you need to use VBoxManage, add your VirtualBox installation directory to the PATH environment variable in the advanced system settings of your Windows system.

On macOS open the terminal, and execute the similar command. VirtualBox Extension Pack has been successfully installed. Conclusion VirtualBox Extension Pack unlocks many great features, and is highly recommended for installation.

Use VBoxManage if you prefer to use the console interface.

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The binaries are released under the terms of the GPL version 2. See the changelog for what has changed. You might want to compare the checksums to verify the integrity of downloaded packages. After upgrading VirtualBox it is recommended to upgrade the guest additions as well. VirtualBox 6. See this chapter from the User Manual for an introduction to this Extension Pack.

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Install VirtualBox Extension Pack. 1 year ago. by Ranvir Singh. A lot of features offered by Oracle (the company that owns VirtualBox) are offered under a. the Virtualbox that installed from our repository reports as after I installed the Extension Pack — and — added myself to the group. 6 days ago VirtualBox Extension Pack Add new capabilities to VirtualBox with this extension pack.

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