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Member since user wrote: Last night my equipment stopped working at a wedding I was Dj’ing. I have a current pro subscription.
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Member since user wrote: Last night my equipment stopped working at a wedding I was Dj’ing. I have a current pro subscription. It is continually prompting me to buy a subscription and or a licence. I haven’t signed out. All my software is up to date as it updates each time I use it. I’m Dj’ing tonight and I have no access to my interface. What can you do to remedy the situation? Looking at your profile image it’s says home user So it looks like you don’t have any of these licenses registrered on the user credentials you use to login to this forum If you use the same credentials to login to VDJ on your laptop, that will normally give you the same result – so VDJ won’t know you have licensenses In other words: If you have one or more licenses, you should the credentials you used to buy these licenses to login to your software.

If not the software will act as a free home edition, which will only work with a controller for a 10 min test period, and which it looks like you are currently experiencing Posted Sat 23 Sep 17 1: I have a few full file backups of my PC and two of them were on me the this night.

I unfortunately do not know when the license disappeared somewhere between last wedding 2 weeks ago and this past Friday , I guess I backed up the folder with the missing file. I use Goodsync which has it’s own archive trash folder that only empties files that were removed 30 days or more ago. But the license. So I have identified a hole in that backup process that I need to address. My last wedding was 2 weeks ago so there is zero reason for a missing file of any kind. I say that so I don’t get slammed for not backing up.

Now, on to my point. The real problem that I would like to discuss here is, VDJ does not tell you that you are missing this license! It fired up like it always does.

I started playing music through my controller for sound check and we were level balancing the Boat audio system that I was plugged into big boat with professional speakers.

All of a sudden the track was cut and VDJ asked my to “identify myself”. Because VDJ is free for home users and my controller is not normally plugged in for show prep when I am home, VDJ just let me rock on for free. Because of that I have no idea when my license was removed.

I could have caught this days ago on my home wifi during the week leading up to the event! I started VDJ several times this past week with no warning that my license was removed. Now I did see these posts popping up about a week ago. I can also admit some fault as I should have visually confirmed the license file was in the My Docs and backed up. But DUDE, please rethink this log in process.

Maybe you need to make your home users get a Home license because they are at home, this should not be an issue. That way we all need licenses. Instead, VDJ just thinks I am now a home user too and it just said nothing to me during the days leading up to this wedding.

My only problem is when I hook to my controller when setting up at my show! Sorry home users, no offense here. But I paid, I could care less if there are some bumps in the road for users who didn’t. That means VDJ could have pointed this out days ago during prep on reliable home wifi. But instead, because I did not have a controller plugged in during show prep, VDJ said nothing at all. Just Rock on Home User! I flat out can’t imagine what I would do if the first full song I played was the introduction song and VDJ cut out on me.

Or if I have 10 min I could have actually made it to the couple’s first dance! Now I know this is why I backup and I found a flaw in my existing plan, which has been addressed. But for the love of God here, I can see flaws with your license process too. I have used VDJ 8 Pro for years with no issue. I get that things like servers just fail some times. But I no longer feel confident in your licensing workflow process.

Even if I do restore my license, I can’t go online to get a song because VDJ might shut down mid show on me again??!! Breaking my SLA Posted Sun 24 Sep 17

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To use multiple controllers you need a Pro licence or subscription which is fair enough but I also think the LE licence is overly restricted by limiting the browser but that’s how the company want to play it. It sort of forces you on to a “home” controller licence which you have to pay extra for but it only works on one single controller. It’s been like that since V8 came out so I can’t see it being changed. Posted Thu 06 Sep 18 1: The LE version is supplied simply to get you started when you open the box. If you want the full software, you need to buy a license. Posted Thu 06 Sep 18 4:

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Or, if you want a one-time purchase, but will never use it professionally and want to license only one controller, our VirtualDJ Home Plus license costs between. By purchasing a Plus Controller license, it allows the use of an external mixer with full functionality, with no restraints in regards to how long of. I had PRO Subscriber licence! it ended 9 september! i bought new licence for numark mixtrack platinum controller home use! why my Pro.

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