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Download The DJ profession has changed quite a lot over the years and nowadays it’s really easy to jam a session wherever we go thanks to our smartphone or tablet. The truth is that to become a professional you might need to invest some more money but to learn the trade, you might have enough with your Android phone which is also good enough to liven up a gig now and again even if you didn’t have anything planned. The first thing you need is a decent musical taste which you probably already have if you’re interested in downloading the APK of this application, then a few songs that will get the people raising their arms and moving their heads on the dancefloor, and finally, a tool of the likes of Virtual DJ Music Mixer that allows you to easily and perfectly mix two songs and start your true DJ session. This app comes along with two players, known as decks, with all the controls necessary to carry out mixes at the right speed.
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Virtual DJ Music Mixer Android

It is accessible, versatile and uses cutting-edge technology, with which you will be able to get very professional results. With the versions: With Virtual DJ you can start as a beginner, working with the mouse and speakers, then with a little more experience you can introduce more elements in to the configuration; with a 4.

Each deck has its own settings for pitch, effects, EQ, loops, gain controls and automatic BPM synchronization, to sync and adjust the lower decks. Add sounds with Sampler option, effects and record your session. Configure your system How to use The main window of Virtual DJ shows the explorer, which you can use to choose the tune you want to be a deejay with.

It gives you a browser with which you can make a specific search by name too. To start listening to a playlist, just drag and drop a song on to a deck and it will be ready to be played. In the main window there is a timeline that shows a waveform with drum graphics In the larger part of the main window of Virtual DJ, there is a timeline that shows a waveform with drum graphics.

In the LE Version, this window is divided into two decks. Any deck is equipped with basic player buttons and cuts, and in the middle of each one, there is another graphic that shows the whole wave form of the song. Even if you are a beginner and just work with the mouse, you can scratch with the Disc on the deck.

Change the number of the drum beats per minute, r use the pitch fader for setting the tone for the entire mixture. Synchronize the rhythm of 2 songs using the Sync button. If you want to connect a DJ Controller, Virtual DJ supports several external devices, but if your controller is not on the list, you will be able to map it or look for the map for free online.

Analyze the waveform These are some of the features of this software: Line-In Inputs. Connect analog devices or live instruments to a deck to control it.

Rewire Support. Link software to a deck and apply additional effects due it is compatible with any Rewire app. Genius DJ. It is a special service for premium membership, and it is to download music based on a collection of existing songs or based on your mixing behavior. New Audio Engine with great quality. For example, Advanced Master Tempo gives a sound that’s clear, even at extreme pitch change, and Pure Scratch gives a high-fidelity scratch emulation. Database Management. Organize and clean your library with ID3 tags, which allow you to move information, to change or to rename it in batches.

DJ Controller Support. Virtual DJ 7 comes with more than 80 default installers for most popular brands of controllers. VDJScript Language.

It is a new language that lets you control your software: Netsearch, surf using the Internet to find the song you’re looking, or if you can stream it from Internet music, as well as using underground tracks or specific remixes. MusicGroups is a social network that syncs your playlist to MusicGroup and analyzes your likes, making suggestions in relation to your other DJ playlists Timecode Engine.

With new modes as noisemap. Skin Engine. Several new elements, like ResizeZones, ScratchWaves, etc. Video Engine includes more video codecs. Operating System:

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Virtual DJ comes with a bunch of features that are perfect for mid-level enthusiasts and anyone who wants to become a professional DJ. This program was developed with an easy to use interface. After a few minutes learning the options that Virtual DJ offers, you’ll soon be able to use it with any track you pick. All you need to do is select the file directory where you want to search for songs, drag a track and play it. Adjusting, modifying BPM, looping tracks, scratching and adding sound effects on songs like voice extraction, low note adjustment, and slowing down tracks is easy with Virtual DJ. This software doesn’t only support audio files, it’s also capable of remixing videos with tons of transitioning effects.

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Virtual DJ, free and safe download. Virtual DJ latest version: Become a virtual DJ with this MP3 mixing software. Virtual DJ is a 7. Free Downloadfor Windows . TunesGo. Move your music from any device to another – iTunes to Android, iPod to iTunes, PC to Mac. The top 8 DJ software applications available today. Virtual DJ is a program developed by Atomix Productions. Access and see more information, as well as download and install Virtual DJ. Virtual DJ Version Free. MB Esse é o “Virtual Noob” sou DJ a 8 anos. o virtual DJ, não é para profissionais na área, e sim o . Downloads for Android. 8/10 (41 votes) – Download Virtual DJ Music Mixer Android Free. If you want to deejay music like a professional on your phone, you have to download Virtual DJ .

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