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Ryan Dube , Twitter: So, why not take advantage of that space with Live Wallpapers that are beautiful, animated, and in many cases could even help boost your productivity? Have a look at these 7 live wallpapers and try a few out.
video wallpapers free download

Video Wallpaper, Live Wallpapers and Screensavers for Windows

Ryan Dube , Twitter: So, why not take advantage of that space with Live Wallpapers that are beautiful, animated, and in many cases could even help boost your productivity? Have a look at these 7 live wallpapers and try a few out.

Many sites offering free desktop wallpaper offer nothing more than a video background, or a desktop slideshow app. To enable a slideshow desktop: Right click anywhere on the desktop and select Personalize. Change the Background dropdown box to Slideshow. Click the Browse button to choose the folder that holds all of your photos.

You can also configure the slideshow to change at set intervals, shuffle the photos randomly, and how to place them on the desktop. Load your vacation photos, beautiful scenery, or any other images of interests you have.

This app is famous for its customizability and the many widgets and features you can add. This might be a variety of stats about your computer system, social feeds, stock quotes, and more.

It comes pre-packaged with a number of skins, or you can download from thousands of other skins created by the massive Rainmeter user community. To install and enable a new Rainmeter widget on your desktop: Double-click the. Right-click the Rainmeter icon in the taskbar and select Refresh all. Right-click the Rainmeter icon again, click Skins, click the Skin you installed, and then choose an INI file these are the individual gadgets you can use.

In many cases, customizing these widgets may have a steep learning curve. For example, in many cases to add an event to a calendar widget, you need to edit an XML file to add those recurring events. Despite the learning curve, Rainmeter widgets are beautiful, functional, and very useful. Download Rainmeter Sim Aquarium 3 People buy fish aquariums because the slow-moving fish and the gurgling sounds provides a calming environment to any room.

If you want to round out the theme, you could also download the Fish and Corals wallpaper from the Microsoft store. This is a live wallpaper slideshow of real aquarium fish scenes. Since the Sim Aquarium 3 app is free, expect to see occasional upgrade ads. This is because these icons tend to reorganize themselves whenever you reboot your computer. To customize Fences, just right click anywhere on your desktop and click Configure Fences.

From there you can customize Fences in the following ways: However, you can try it for free for 30 days before deciding whether it will improve your productivity enough to justify the cost. You can place your own video files maybe from home video from your vacation trips, or landscape videos downloaded off the web into the PUSH Video Wallpaper app, and then select it to display it as your wallpaper. Controls inside the app let you stop, pause, reverse or rewind the video.

There are also sound controls to mute the video if you want it to be silent. The coolest feature of this app is the ability to stream YouTube videos directly to your video wallpaper. To do this: For example, add the URL link to the 7-hour scenic train ride from Bergen to Oslo Norway , and play the soothing trip as your live wallpaper while you work.

With this app you have a choice of roughly 20 gadgets you can place onto your desktop. These include: Digital or analog clock.

1. Wallpaper Engine for Windows 10

Average rating: The application enables you to apply DreamScene video wallpapers even on the latest operating systems, such as Windows 10, 8 and 7. The program will also work as an animated screensaver when your computer is not active. By using this tool you will be able to view your favorite videos and use them as wallpaper or screensaver. PUSH Video Wallpaper enables you to create playlists from your favorite images and video files which can be played as wallpapers. You have the possibility to set the program to automatically change the background at specific time intervals.

VIDEO: Download Video Wallpaper® latest free version | Downloadcom

A small program which lets you play animated GIFs and videos as your desktop wallpaper. PUSH Video Wallpaper is a small and reliable utility which will help you enhance the appearance of your desktop by letting you play animated GIF images and videos as wallpaper. The application. Here are 51+ Video Wallpaper Windows 7 Free Download below for your personal computer or mobile phone. These funny backgroud images are all free to. Download: Stardock DeskScapes 8 for Windows 10 ($, day free trial Download: PUSH Video Wallpaper ($, free trial available).

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