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The software key will unlock both Mac and Windows versions. You start by pressing Command PC: Ctrl -Shift-C, which launches orange crosshairs. They’re typically drawn to objects such as windows and parts of a webpage, but if you drag them, they’ll act like any selection tool with a pixel size and color-under-cursor loupe to guide you.
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At a Glance Generic Company Place Holder Snagit 11 Think that there’s no way to improve the world’s best image- and video-capture program? You’re wrong. The new version of Snagit adds video-capture and video-output tools and a variety of other more minor features to its already considerable set of tricks, and the result is an even better program that anyone who needs to capture images or screen animations will want to use.

Snagit 11’s video capture is easy to understand and use. The biggest news is the ability to capture video from your screen, and then upload them directly to YouTube, or else to any other site using a simple built-in FTP upload tool. So if you need to capture a sequence of events on your computer, such as for creating a tutorial on how to use a particular piece of software or accomplish a certain task, Snagit does it for you. Capturing video is exceptionally easy. Then select the area of the screen you want to capture or capture the entire screen , and begin recording.

Press a hotkey combination, or click a button to stop capturing. You can also pause and restart recording. Once you’re done, you can upload the video to YouTube from directly inside Snagit. You’ll of course need a YouTube account to do this. There’s more than just that, though. Vendor TechSmith has added more “stamps,” such as new starbursts, to Snagit’s editor. You can also download free add-ins from the Snagit site so you can easily share screen captures with others via Facebook and Twitter.

There are also new tools for image capture and editing, including easier resizing of screen captures. It also won’t let you capture video. Neither of those two programs allow you to set up profiles for quickly capturing screens or videos–for example, one profile for capturing video, another for capturing a scrolling page, and so on. And they don’t have all the tricks in Snagit’s advanced tool set, such as the ability to convert graphics formats between one another; nor does either have a library that displays all of your previous captures, letting you browse through them and annotate and edit any you want.

On the other hand, you can’t beat Screen Captor’s price–it’s free. But if you’re more concerned with features than price, Snagit is the one to get. As with previous versions of Snagit, you can capture specific regions, windows, a full screen, scrolling windows, menus, entire Web pages, and videos. Pretty much whatever you see on your screen, you can grab. It includes many options, such as a capture timer and the ability to choose whether to include cursors. And there are plenty of editing tools as well, notably tools for annotating screen captures.

One returning feature I especially like is the time-saving “All-in-One Capture” feature. Rather than setting up the type of capture full-screen Web page, window, and so on in advance, you can instead use the “All-in-One Capture” hotkey or icon, and then decide on the fly what to grab.

Another perennial favorite feature is Snagit’s “transparency,” which lets you capture and use graphics without their background colors so you can blended them more easily into your projects. That’s not to say that everything is perfect with Snagit It records video in the MP-4 format, which although it is a common standard, does not play in Windows Media Player.

Still, that’s a minor fault. Snagit is still the screen capture program to get. And if you already have a previous version of Snagit, it’s well worth the upgrade.

Unlock with your TechSmith Account

You cannot unlock Snagit using your TechSmith account if you have a multi-user license key. Open https: Sign in or create an account. Select My Products at the top of the page. If you do not see your license key, see this article to manually add it. Tip License questions? See our license section for more information about where to find your key, how to move your key, and more!

VIDEO: Snagit: Entering Your Software Key – TechSmith Support

When comparing QuickTime vs Snagit, the Slant community recommends Snagit for most people. In the question “What are the best screen recorders for OS X?”. Capturing a long Web page may require multiple screenshots. TechSmith’s SnagIt program overcomes this limitation by enabling you to capture an entire. Snagit KEYS. Download the file below for free serial keys to activate Snagit Watch the tutorial video below to see how it’s done! You can submit.

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