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Only registered users can write reviews. Please, log in or create an account. This was an instant winner. The Pre with Neve EQ made every mic sound amazing. UA Prices on plug-ins in the store will drop based on what you already own, causing some confusion.
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Only registered users can write reviews. Please, log in or create an account. This was an instant winner. The Pre with Neve EQ made every mic sound amazing. UA Prices on plug-ins in the store will drop based on what you already own, causing some confusion. Pineda Amazing!

This plug-in is so amazing its addictive! I use it on the way in for almost everything I track and it always sounds incredible. It sounds very warm with lots of harmonics and character. Great job UA as always! Gatos September 9, I didn’t think It is awesome. Incredible good possibilities to have a good voice recording at home. I use it now with an old Shure SM7, it is just perfect.

Thanks UAudio. Tib August 7, Best Preamp I can’t record without it now!!! I used the demo version to record a Vocal, synth and drum machine and it haves an amazing sound, warmth clarity, the best recording I have done so far. For the vocal I used only a cheap AT, I couldn’t believe how the recording was sounding. I bought it after the 14 days of the demo, I can’t record without it now!!! Marston August 7, Neve Preamp Sound!

Without tweaking any knobs, it “sounds” very warm – very analog-. Furthermore, it is part of the Unison Technology: A must have! I have been really enjoying the sound of this new !! It sounds so much better than the now Legacy version that it has actually made me angry a few times.

I have had some strange “crashes” lately with the UA software but I’m not sure if it’s this guy or if it’s been since I downloaded and applied the “Culture Vulture” version of the newest UA software. The plug-in sounds great though. It’s one of my favorite ones so far. Schinoff August 1, great Pre amp! Perfect for the Apollo Twin! I have the neve Pre amp in my pocket!! Hurley July 15, Quite literally the best plug out there. I haven’t written many reviews because its sorta like adding a drop of water in the ocean.

However, this plug is worth it. UA have literally outdone themselves with this one. Mather July 15, Neve preamp I love the new Neve preamp it sounds great on any instrument especially vocals. Way to go Universal Audio. I just felt compelled to say this, forget the comparisons to the real deal. This thing adds a girth and nice color to everything you run through it. With the Unison technology, I use this on the way in to protools and print the results every time.

Great job with this one UA. Miller July 5, Awesome job This plugin scares the hell outta me lol I own a neve and the similarities are mind blowing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Shaghasi June 26, Unison Grateful to have run into this. Unison technology really takes it to another level. UAD is always on top of their game. And I felt the preserved the energy the best and was nice n thick!

Thank you uad R. What is cool to me about owning a UAD-2 is that I get access to a lot of the great gear a mix artist would use to mix a record, and with the Apollo series I get some very nice emulations of gear a recordist would use to record a record. With the Preamp and EQ–I find it interesting that people are using this to MIX, as this piece of gear is a workhorse for recording; knowing the power load of the gear in the real world Neves take the more power than most gear–hence why Neve series are not as beefy it cracks me up that it is killing the DSP.

Print the sound of the That is how recordists do it in the real world. Use SSL to mix But the new takes it over the top. A ribbon mic on a guitar amp with this plug sounds so creamy and smooth.

Man, UAD knocked it out of the park with this. Thank you! The people who are giving this 1STAR are the idiots who don’t know how to use this properly! This isn’t a plugin that you want to use everywhere you go. Well not the new as it will kill your DSP resources really quickly. You want to use this on the way in through your Apollo for the Preamp and print it then in every other cases use the Legacy version for EQing.

I own the hardware and it sounds almost like it. Awesome job UAD. I’m not a big fan of the GUI knob-controls. Why make everything exactly like the hardware? I guess the other 1 was half assed. Both suggested that their replicas of the original. Maybe we can buy another 1 a few years later and that 1 will really sound like the original.

Not sure why this is not a free update. Colmenero December 28, They keep messing with the price The plugin is ok. Not as much character as I wouldve hoped for out of the unison. The thing that is really annoying is they keep changing the price.

It was , then , then when I bought it now 99; and all within a few weeks. Feeling like a sucker of Results.

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If you click that link, Logic Fiends gets a few bucks to keep the site running, so thank you in advance if you do. Aside from Echo, it has Reverb settings as well, so it can pull double duty. You can pan left to right or around your head in a circle, and sync the speed to the beat. It does it well, and would be super valuable for psychedelic or prog rock. It can be useful for thickening guitar and vocals, a bit like a doubler.

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Read Sweetwater customer reviews for Universal Audio UAD-2 Satellite I bought the external Satellite OCTO to move as much of the plugin load out of my . Universal Audio has announced the new Apollo X interfaces and we are which right out of the box gives you 16 UAD-2 plug-ins including the. All UAD plug-ins come with a two-week free trial, so I decided to take advantage of that for this review, and installed every Unison preamp plug-in available at.

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