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Typing Skill Tests You can measure your current typing speed and accuracy with advanced typing skill tests and print out a diploma. Play our fun typing games to see how far your typing skills will take you. Analyze your typing while working and train weaknesses with customized exercises. Read more below
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Review by Frederick Barton on 01 Feb, Don’t you just hate it when you chat with someone online and he takes forever to type something?

Here’s a nice little Christmas present you can give him: Typing Master. A complex tutorial intended to help people type faster. The package is easy to get and there’s nothing to slow you down. It’s roughly 4 Mb large and the installation process is fast and it won’t hinder you with too many options. The interface is designed for easy access. Its sections are all listed on the right side of the main window and their content will spread out on the main area once you click them.

There’s a number of ways you can use Typing Master to hone your skills. The first category you can access from the list is a set of courses. These will explain everything about typing from, literally, “a” to “z”. There are 12 lessons, each one with its own chapters.

Some chapters feature just text and images, explaining and illustrating things, like how to keep your fingers on the keyboard and so on. Other chapters are more interactive. The program will tell you to press certain keys while holding your hands on the keyboard the way it taught you. When you’re done with the lessons, take a look under the Review category. Here you can find a few easy exercises or games that will sharpen your typing. Before starting, you can select between a keyboard or word drill.

These will make you type certain letters or whole words. You can also select what letters to be involved. Difficult, studied or letters of your own choosing. Alternatively, you can opt for a game in order to make things more interesting.

These involve typing words before something happens. For more serious exercises, you can go to the third category, listed on the window’s right side.

Here you can select one of many texts or you can import your own. The exercise involves nothing but typing the text that you will see before time runs out.

The current word you’re typing will be highlighted and it will fade a bit when you’re done with it. This helps you keep track of the text better and you may find yourself looking at the screen while you’re typing, which is a good thing. Other features include some statistics regarding your progress. Clicking the Statistics category will show you a series of graphs, illustrating your gross and net typing speed, your accuracy and the keys you have the most trouble hitting.

Speaking of statistics, you can activate something called a satellite. This will keep track of your typing outside of Typing Master, when you’re working with other programs. This way you’ll have a better idea on which keys you mostly miss, if your typing speed has improved and so on.

The program has a good number of interesting features that will help anyone improve their typing skills considerably. Some of the techniques it teaches make Typing Master something even advanced users may want to glance over sometime. Nothing seems to be wrong with this program. Use TypingMaster to give your typing a speed boost.

You can download TypingMaster free here. About the author: From gadgets to software. Based on the user interface, features and complexity, Findmysoft has rated TypingMaster 5 out of 5 stars, naming it Essential Sponsored Links.

Learn to Touch Type, Complete with Typing Games

Download Having a good typing skill level will allow the majority of users to improve their productivity at work or studying. To improve our typing skill we will have to perform thorough training that will allow us to learn how to use our ten fingers to press the keys properly. TypingMaster provides the tools necessary to be able to type at great speed without having to look at the keyboard. This application consists in a course with 11 different difficulty levels that will show us the position of the letters and symbols on the keyboard, improve our precision and speed when typing, and even manage that we can type without having to look at the keyboard all the time. It also has revision exercises, exams and entertaining games like Bubbles, Lexitris and Clouds with which we’ll have a good time while we practice typing. If you want to save time and increase your productivity, download TypingMaster. Requirements and additional information:

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Typing master free download full version for windows XP/7/8/ Download typing master software windows bit. Typing master games. Download TypeFaster Typing Tutor for free. A typing tutor that teaches you to touch type. It supports French, German, Portuguese, US-Dvorak, US-English. Here we are providing a free software for donwload and type in Hindi from your 10, Free Download Inscript Hindi Typing Tutor (Unicode, Mangal Font Tutor).

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