How to Choose a QuickBooks Version

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If I can narrow down the types of customers that are profitable, I can streamline my workflow, simplify my marketing, become known in those industries and increase my bottom line. Some businesses actually use Classes to look at the different types of customers they have. An example might be Commercial versus Residential or Nonprofit versus Business. In my business, I prefer more detail about my clientele; I want to know what industry they represent. You can assign only 1 type to the customer, but you can assign a different type if you have multiple jobs for a customer.
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Profitability by Type of Customer in QuickBooks

This is a full comparison. QuickBooks Desktop Pro is the entry level version of QuickBooks for the PC, and has most of the features any small business needs to run their accounting; however depending on the industry and specific operations-related needs of the business, they could consider looking into Premier, Accountant, and Enterprise editions. If you are looking for a comparison of QuickBooks Online vs. QuickBooks Pro, check out this article. The following features are available in the Premier and above version of QuickBooks, but not the Pro version: Sales Orders: Estimates are simple to explain, they are non-posting transactions and do not affect any accounting or inventory.

Invoices are transactions used to complete a sale affecting sales and inventory. A Backorder is a way to reserve or the inventory if it is in stock or commit it so when it gets received. Creating purchase orders straight from estimates or sales orders. This is a center dedicated to help the user quickly analyze or identify all transactions that involve a particular inventory item.

For years the Customer Center and the Vendor center have been very popular features, and finally there is a similar interface dedicated to inventory items. Simple tool that can create very comprehensive Business Plans and it can take the data straight from your QuickBooks file to reduce data entry of financial data. QuickBooks Pro includes a general Product and general Service sample file only.

Industry Specific Reports specific for these industries: Forecasts, this adds another dimension to Budgets with their own reports. Per item price levels let you set custom prices for items that are associated with different customers or jobs.

Inventory Assembly, as defined by Intuit: Creating and adding assembly items to inventory is a two-step process. In other words, as soon as you build an assembly item, its component parts no longer exist as separate parts in inventory because they have become part of a new inventory item called an assembly.

Batch Invoicing: Customers can be grouped into Billing Groups. You can view subtotals of your un-billed time and expenses for each customer, filter the list by date, sort your results, and select which customers to bill. Balance Sheet by Class Report. Previous Reconciliation Reports, unlimited history of previous reports from reconciliations. QuickBooks Pro will only have the last report reconciled. Multiple Units of Measure, so you can buy by the dozen and sell by the unit, for example.

Job Costing Center, one worksheet to review all Job Costing related functions. Only available when installed as Contractor Edition. There is another version of QuickBooks called: Batch Enter Transactions: Batch Delete Transactions: Work with 2 files simultaneously.

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Share on Facebook QuickBooks is a computer program that helps businesses manage their financial accounts. There are several different versions of QuickBooks ranging in functionality and ease of use. The program uses one of three relational database management systems. You must choose the appropriate database for your company’s needs. Oracle Oracle is the most versatile of the QuickBooks-compatible databases. If your company has multiple accounts or handles large numbers of transactions, Oracle is the ideal choice because Oracle funnels data through a central tabular repository. What this means is that your database administrator or financial controller can dictate user privileges and can automate common transaction processes.

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QuickBooks’ standard reports are critical to understanding your company’s past, present, and future. But the program also offers innovative. QuickBooks is recognised worldwide as that easy to learn and easy to use accounting software. QuickBooks for Small to Medium Sized and Growing. QuickBooks might be the most popular business software in the world, but QuickBooks’ many versions and integrations make it adaptable to.

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