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Customer Reviews Write Review Comments: Then, I started getting shin splints. May 13th Comments:
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Customer Reviews Write Review Comments: Then, I started getting shin splints. May 13th Comments: I’ve got at least miles on the first pair and still going. It’s the best trail Hoka I’ve had. Lighter, Durable and great traction. Might not have as much cushion but great for me. Looking for a third pair to put in the rotation. April 13th, Comments: The forefoot is much roomier and perhaps a bit sloppy for very technical terrain, but I actually like them much better than Speedgoat 2s for technical terrain.

February 7th Comments: The first pair are still holding up well plenty of traction plenty of comfort really really like them. Bought a second pair for myself for Christmas decided to break them in over the weekend five to ten miles into the run the rubber membrane around the base of the fabric of the shoe and the top of the sole of the shoe separated all the way around.

As if it was never glued in the first place. I’m a little bit upset with a quality control it Hoka it’s not the first time I’ve heard of Hoka shoes falling apart after one run.

January 30th Comments: Best of all, zero blistering and fresh feet beyond 50k. January 24th Comments: On one hand Torrents are great on moderate not super technical terrain, comfortable, with plenty of room for toes. The outsole grips well and is responsive. On the other hand Torrents fail to lock feet. I tightened the laces all the way but my feet still feel unstable on more technical terrain and more prone to roll.

Torrent is supposed to be a fast shoe for racing on technical trails but I just don’t have enough confidence to race in them because they feel sloppy. The protection for long runs is a bit lacking. I think the longest I ran in Torrents was about miles and my feet were starting to feel a bit beaten up.

January 6th

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Cigarette smoking is the number 1 cause of NSCLC, but genetics and exposure to radon, asbestos or air pollution are also risk factors 5, 6. NSCLC is an aggressive disease with high metastatic potential. Cancer is caused by mutations in specific genes. Driver oncogene profiles are unique for each cancer type. Even histologically similar cancers can be stratified into molecularly distinct subsets of a given type of cancer 9. Many of these driver oncogenes, including ALK, RET and ROS1, encode tyrosine kinases and researchers have identified tyrosine kinase inhibitors TKIs that selectively inhibit the activity of some oncogene translocations 9. The gene encodes a kDa protein, a receptor tyrosine kinase belonging to the classical insulin superfamily.

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