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It’s rather old, and it came with NI Kompakt. I have never used it because of so many technological hurdles which are too tiring to explain When I want to load a sound in Kompakt it says: Physical memory is getting low! Loading more samples might cause problems Really proceed loading?
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Help needed using East West Symphonic Orchestra Gold Edition

The Silver version includes release trails and full sample mapping, but it has no keyswitches and contains far fewer articulations than the other versions. Users have asked for this somewhat clunky routine to be streamlined: More Than Skin Deep Play’s Browser page allows you to create virtual folders containing your favourite instruments. Three new performance modes are designed to increase realism: The EWQLSO Play GUI’s envelope and tuning controls have numerical readouts, but its fader levels, pan positions, reverb controls, ‘stereo double’ amount and velocity sensitivity curve are purely graphic.

The articulation slots’ loudness controls which default to 0dB with an extra 12dB of headroom annoyingly refuse to return to zero once they’ve been altered — the closest you can get is 0. The ‘close’ and ‘surround’ versions can then be loaded simply by pressing their dedicated buttons.

With some Master instruments packing over samples, using multiple mic positions could easily cause CPU or RAM overload, so as with all orchestral libraries it’s advisable to be thrifty about how many instruments, articulations and mic positions you’re using at any one time.

Play’s ‘sample purge’ function, which analyses incoming MIDI notes and removes any unused samples from an instrument, is an extremely useful aid to keeping your setups lean and mean, but obviously shouldn’t be used on an instrument until you’ve completed its part!

DisPlay Keyswitching facilities have been greatly improved. In addition to the new Master keyswitch sets, the old Professional XP keyswitch instruments are also included, for the benefit of users looking to recreate past projects.

However, the original set of keyswitches created for the first edition of the library is now history. The last feature is essential for customising keyboard splits and, in this library, would be an invaluable tool for creating your own full strings or brass ensembles. I was pleasantly surprised to observe that the Play keyboard’s keys change colour to reflect user edits: Very cool! The sound — big, bold, naturally reverberant, tailored for the big screen — is stronger than ever and the comprehensive instrumentation and performances unchanged from the Pro XP version meet most symphonic requirements.

Platinum Plus GB: Platinum GB: Gold 33GB: Silver 11GB: Pros Contains all the essential orchestral instruments and ensembles including first and second violins , plus chamber violins and cellos, expanded percussion, grand piano and harpsichord. New comprehensive keyswitching for all instruments except the chamber strings, harp, keyboards and percussion.

Instruments can’t be edited at sample level. Existing EWQLSO users will enjoy the increased ease of use of the Play Edition, while newcomers should find plenty of inspiration in its impressive instruments and sections. Prices include VAT.

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I’m loving it! It sounds beautiful for what I do. I’m just glad I don’t have the need for either Gold or Platinum yet. Talk about an investment! I think my PowerBook would choke on either of them, so I would need to buy a G5 too. The performance difference between Silver and Gold comes from two separate issues — as I understand it. In Gold, each note has its own set of samples whereas Silver is sampled on every third note with the notes in between pitched up or down from an adjacent note.

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Here are the six most significant ways that the three levels of EWQLSO differ: Platinum provides bit samples; Gold and Silver provide bit. If so, which version (Silver, Gold, Platinum)? you can get something decent sounding without too much tweaking compared to some other libraries. . I picked up EQ Symphony Orchestra Gold about three months ago and. Above the ‘Symphonic Orchestra’ in flowery text, click ‘Instruments’. in Platinum, Gold and Silver: soft.isp.regruhosting.ruutz soft.isp.regruhosting.ru#page=

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