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Installing Stata for Windows. Installing Stata for Mac. Installing Stata for Unix.
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Stata: Data Analysis and Statistical Software

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Installing Stata for Windows. Installing Stata for Mac. Installing Stata for Unix. Platforms and? Make sure you have a License and Activation Key. Stata for Windows installation 1. Insert the installation media. If you have Auto-insert Noti? Otherwise, you will want to navigate to your installation media and double-click on Setup.

Go to page 3 for detailed instructions about the rest of the installation. Stata for Mac installation 1. Open the installation media on the Desktop, and double-click on the Installer application. Go to page 9 for detailed instructions about the rest of the installation. Stata for Unix installation 1. Become superuser, and then insert and mount the installation media. Nothing will be written to disk until you say it is okay to do so.

Go to page 13 for detailed instructions about the rest of the installation. If you are using an earlier Stata release and you are upgrading to Stata 13, or if you have never installed Stata before on this computer, you need to read this Installation Guide.

If you have already installed Stata 13 and you would like to install the latest updates to Stata 13, please refer to [GSW] 19 Updating and extending Stata—Internet functionality.

Check Modify, click on Next, and choose the? Your existing copy will not be affected. Make sure that you have your License and Activation Key before doing this. After installation, you will immediately want to update Stata because your executable will most likely be out of sync with your ado-? Before you install Before you begin the installation procedure: Make sure you have the Stata installation media.

Decide where you want to install the Stata software. We recommend C: If you already have an old version of Stata on your system, decide whether you want to keep it or uninstall it. We do not recommend having more than one version of Stata installed at a time, because it can cause confusing? You might be asked to verify that you want to install the software; if so, con?

The Stata 13 Installation Wizard will start. Proceed as you would with any other software installation. Read and accept the software license agreement to proceed with the installation.

The installer will display options for personalizing your installation and making Stata accessible to all users who share your computer. The default choices are probably what you want. If not, make any necessary changes, and click on Next.

At the Select Executable step, you can choose which type and? Choose the? If you have a bit computer with bit Microsoft Windows installed, you must install a bit version. For network installations which require both bit and bit versions for clients, after completing the installation of the bit version, run the installer again, as described in step 11 below, and install the bit version.

If you have a bit computer, you may only install a bit version of Stata. The installer will ask you where you want to install Stata. We recommend that you choose the default directory. If you want to install Stata on a network drive, you will need a network license. You can install Stata from the server, or if you have the appropriate privileges, you can install Stata directly to the network drive.

When you have chosen an installation directory, click on Next. The installer will then ask you where you want to set the default working directory. The default working directory is the default location for your datasets, graphs, and other Stata-related? When you have chosen a default working directory, click on Next to begin the installation.

When the installation is complete, click on Finish to exit the installer. If you would like to modify your installation or install other? It will bring up the Application Maintenance dialog. Check Modify, and click on the Next button. You can then choose the? If you would like to install Stata by using the command line, please consult http: Do this even if you have installed previous versions of Stata via the command line, because the arguments have changed.

Initialize the license You now need to start Stata so that you can initialize the license. Go to the Stata 13 program group in the Start menu, and click on the version of Stata you installed.

You must enter something for all? The code and authorization are not case sensitive. If you make a mistake typing the codes, you will be prompted to try again. Be careful when typing your code and authorization. Do not lose your License and Activation Key.

You may need it again in the future. Update Stata if necessary StataCorp releases updates to Stata often. These updates may include new features and bug? There may be updates to Stata more recent than the version of Stata on your installation media. Click on OK to do so. If an update is available, follow the instructions. If you have trouble connecting to the Internet from Stata, visit http: By default, automatic update checking is enabled.

This ensures that your Stata is up to date, it is convenient, and it causes no problems even if you are not connected to the Internet. If you disable automatic update checking, it is a good idea to periodically check for updates to Stata. As a registered Stata user, you are entitled to free technical assistance should you have any questions, and we will keep you informed of any new products or advancements that have been announced.

To register your copy of Stata,? Creating network shortcuts If you installed Stata on a network drive, you will need to create shortcuts on the workstations that will be using Stata. Mount the network drive that Stata is installed on from a workstation. Type the path for the Stata executable into the edit?

Once a shortcut for Stata has been created, right-click on it, and select Properties. Set the default working directory for Stata by changing the Start in? This is where Stata will store datasets, graphs, and other Stata-related?

If the workstation will be used by more than one user, consider changing the Start in? Other ways to start Stata You can start Stata in multiple ways: From the Start menu.

Double-click on its application icon as with any other application. Double-click on a Stata do-? Double-click on a Stata data? Stata data? When you double-click on a Stata data?

We are assuming that you have successfully installed Stata and have initialized the license. Please see page 24 for how to access the PDF documentation from outside Stata. If you have made any changes to the data in your dataset, including creating a new dataset, you will be prompted to save the changes.

If you exit Stata by typing the equivalent exit command, you will see the following in the Results window if you have made changes to your data: You can also save the dataset by typing save? You could then type exit again, and Stata will exit. If you do not wish to save your changes, you can force Stata to exit without saving the dataset by typing exit, clear. Verifying installation If you need to create a report to verify that Stata has been installed properly, point your browser to http: There you will?

The tool will verify your installation not only after you initially install Stata, but also after every update you apply.

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