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The tool transforms the standard text-based controls of MySQL into a fully comprehensive graphical user interface. The idea is to make the underlying system much easier to use without the need to have extensive experience working with text-based database systems. The software makes everything simple, and it does so with numerous predefined functions for standard necessities. You can also use the integrated graphic editor to produce complex tasks.
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SQLyog MySQL GUI 7.02

With new connections saved by this release all passwords etc. Old saved connection details with obfuscated passwords will be re-encoded using encryption first time the respective connection is opened however old SJA “jobfiles” will need to be recreated if encryption shall be used in the jobfile. A jobfile with an “oldstyle” obfuscated password will still work with this new program version. The same connector upgrade also solves a few rare issues with SSL and other rare connectivity issues.

If you are not used to the command line interface, this tool turns the MySQL database management into an easier job. In order to use this software you need to install the MySQL server and to provide the application with the connection settings.

After you have completed these tasks and you are connected to the server you can get to work. You can create new databases, tables and queries by using the menus and the buttons from the main window.

The program stores all the commands in the history tab in order to review the code lines later. Every element of the database can be edited using the visual interface. You need to write code only in the Query Editor that allows you to create new queries that can be saved as SQL files. To back up a database or to transfer the data and the structure from one database to another are tasks that can be performed with just a few clicks.

This allows you to shorten the time required to perform certain actions and to increase your productivity. The program is able to connect multiple servers at the same time allowing you to transfer data between them.

You can also run multiple queries at the same time and stop the execution of the ones that run for a longer time. You can also take advantage of the templates available in the application to create queries, functions or tables. The interface of the program is easy to understand and all its functions are easy to access. The menus are intuitive and allow you to quickly access the most frequently used commands.

The editor colors and the fonts can be changed in order to make the code more visible. You can also change the colors of the Object Browser to personalize each connection. SQLyog includes multiple tools that can be used to increase your productivity such as the Database Synchronization Wizard and the ability to schedule backups or other jobs.

Unfortunately they are not available in the Community Edition and need to be purchased separately. Although it is designed for power users and developers SQLyog can also be used by beginners. The application features an extensive Help file that allows the beginner to learn a thing or two about SQL database management.

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Update result returned from query. Manage foreign key relationships. Dialogless result editor with option to update multiple tables. Multithreaded query execution with option to allow multiple query execution simultaneously. Execute very large SQL-scripts as batch files. Execute multiple queries returning more than s of rows per resultset. Its very efficient in memory.

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