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Download MySQL databases are the most used worldwide, due to the power that they have and the fact that they are free. The only problem that can arise due to working with MySQL is that it doesn’t have a graphical interface and it has to be controlled from the command line terminal. To make it much more practical to work with these databases you can use a ‘Front End’ graphical interface to interact visually with them, like SQLyog. This database administration and management tool is one of the most powerful available at this moment in time.
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SQLyog. Ultimate.v

Update result returned from query. Manage foreign key relationships. Dialogless result editor with option to update multiple tables. Multithreaded query execution with option to allow multiple query execution simultaneously. Execute very large SQL-scripts as batch files. Execute multiple queries returning more than s of rows per resultset. Its very efficient in memory. Very compact binary. No wrapper classes used. Connection manager. Comprehensive security manager.

Reorder columns of table. Copy database between two MySQL hosts. Drop all tables of a database with a single click. Export table-structure and data into SQL-scripts. Export database schema in HTML. Log all queries for a session. Profile queries.

Save your commonly used SQL scripts in a personal folder with a click of mouse. Is very keyboard friendly. View and kill other user-processes. A list of server-variables e. Copy your result as CSV in clipboard. Copy tables to new table-names. Do table-diagnostics check, optimize, repair, analyze. All Rights Reserved. This website is hosted by HostGator. No portion may be reproduced without my written permission.

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With new connections saved by this release all passwords etc. Old saved connection details with obfuscated passwords will be re-encoded using encryption first time the respective connection is opened however old SJA “jobfiles” will need to be recreated if encryption shall be used in the jobfile. A jobfile with an “oldstyle” obfuscated password will still work with this new program version. The same connector upgrade also solves a few rare issues with SSL and other rare connectivity issues. If you are not used to the command line interface, this tool turns the MySQL database management into an easier job. In order to use this software you need to install the MySQL server and to provide the application with the connection settings.

VIDEO: SQLyog V (free) – Download latest version in English on phpnuke

SQLyog is a free and powerful MySQL client tool to manage MySQL server and issue queries. Download Cracked version of Webyog SQLyog Ultimate x86/x64, If Bitcoin is not a suitable option for you, please feel free to contact us to get SQLyog is the most powerful manager, admin and GUI tool for MySQL and MariaDB. Every project on GitHub comes with a version-controlled wiki to give your documentation the high level of care it deserves. SQLyog Community Edition – (Bit) SQLyog Job Agent (SJA) for Linux – (64 Bit).

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