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Our Database relies upon our Software to organize and interpret the stored data. Our data contains the structure and removal rules of malignant malware components. In addition, our Database may contain exclusions of non-malignant file components. In order to efficiently combat the threat of malware, our Database requires constant Updates. General Use.
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Our Database relies upon our Software to organize and interpret the stored data. Our data contains the structure and removal rules of malignant malware components. In addition, our Database may contain exclusions of non-malignant file components. In order to efficiently combat the threat of malware, our Database requires constant Updates.

General Use. You may install and use the Software on your compatible computer, up to the Permitted Number of computers; or 2. Server Use. You may install one copy of the Software on your computer file server for the purpose of downloading and installing the Software onto other computers within your internal network up to the Permitted Number or you may install one copy of the Software on a computer file server within your internal network for the sole and exclusive purpose of using the Software through commands, data or instructions e.

No other network use is permitted without negotiation and purchase of a volume or server license; and 2. Backup Copy. You may make one backup copy of the Software, provided your backup copy is not installed or used on any computer.

You may not transfer the rights to a backup copy unless you transfer all rights in the Software as provided under Section 6. Home Use for Business Copies.

If you are using the Software at your business, and you are the primary user of the computer that is licensed to use the Software, you may, also install the Software on one of your home computers. However, the Software may not be used on your home computer at the same time the Software on your business computer is being used. If the Software supports multiple platforms or languages, if you receive the Software on multiple media, if you receive a Content Update as set forth in Section 5 below , if you otherwise receive multiple copies of the Software, or if you received the Software bundled with other Software, you may only use the Software as licensed above.

You may not rent, lease, sublicense, lend or transfer any versions or copies of the Software you do not use. If the Software is a Content Update, as discussed in Section 5 below, you must possess a valid license to such previous version in order to use the Content Update. Diagnostic Report. The information transmitted is identical to the information that is displayed when you press “Generate Support Log” within the “Spyware Helpdesk” tab of the user interface.

For paid users, SpyHunter also transmits their username and password. We collect this information for the purposes of diagnosing new malware threats and for tracking the location of malware infections. The information collected is encrypted when sent, it is stored on ESG’s system until it can be analyzed and statistical and other information is extracted.

The extracted information does not contain any IP addresses or user identifiable information. For free scans, once the relevant information is extracted, the diagnostic report is purged in due course. For paid users, the diagnostic report is retained for use in customer service. The diagnostic report information is not shared with any third parties. Note that SpyHunter allows you to opt-out of transmitting the diagnostic report by visiting the “General” tab under the “Settings” tab and changing the option for “transmit diagnostic information.

Program Classification Information. One way that SpyHunter identifies potentially unwanted or harmful software is to examine the programs that start automatically and to classify those programs based on the threat they pose. To accomplish that task, SpyHunter sends ESG the name, location, size, and md5 hash of each file that starts automatically, as well as certain information about when and how that program begins to operate.

When transmitting this file information, SpyHunter also sends ESG certain identifying information, including a unique number that identifies your copy of SpyHunter, your username and password of registered users , the application version number, the application language, and the IP address of the computer on which SpyHunter is installed.

All of the file information and identifying information is encrypted before being sent, and the identifying information is not stored. After verifying the user’s identity, ESG compares the file information that was sent against the information in ESG’s databases and returns relevant classifications to the user’s computer.

Statistics regarding programs examined are kept indefinitely, but the actual transmission is purged. Geolocation information provided such as IP address is analyzed so that infections can be reflected in SpyHunter’s Malware Tracker tool, but IP addresses are not stored, other than in ordinary server logs which are purged frequently. In future versions of SpyHunter, ESG may collect copies of files that cannot be classified by the md5 hash information, but it will do so only after explaining the need to collect that information and prompting the user for consent.

Updates To SpyHunter. The SpyHunter version number and unique number are used to identify the specific updates to transmit and to allow a specific copy of SpyHunter to be de-activated if it is being used for hacking or malicious purposes.

No geolocation or other identifying information such as IP address is analyzed or stored, other than in ordinary server logs which are purged frequently. None of the information collected is shared with any third parties, nor does it contain user identifiable information.

If you have a paid license and update SpyHunter through the “Program Update” or “Definitions Update” on the user interface, your system will send to us a uniquely generated ID number that identifies your copy of SpyHunter, the SpyHunter version number, the language, and the username and password that you have entered when registering SpyHunter.

This information is used to ensure that you receive the proper updates and to enable ESG technical support to know what version of the program and parasite definitions are installed. This information is not shared with any third parties. This information is stored and deleted in the same manner as other personal information we collect about paid licensees, as described in Section 3.

If you are a paid licensee, we collect and use the information you provide us, such as the identifying information you provide when you register at https: We use that information to provide services to you, for certain accounting and auditing purposes, and to update the Malware Tracker application. If you are a paid licensee, your username and password are sent and received during each communication to authenticate you as a user.

Payment card and other financial information are collected solely by ESG’s payment processor, Esellerate. We take steps to safeguard and protect your personal information, which include but are not limited to, ensuring that information is encrypted before it is sent to or from us to you and that statistical information we develop is not tied to your username or your IP address.

Personal Information of Former Paid Licensees. ESG retains non-financial contact information, and support and scan logs, for paid customers whose licenses have expired to facilitate renewal or reinstatement. We take steps to safeguard and protect your personal information, which include but are not limited to, ensuring that information is encrypted before it is sent to or from us to you. When you purchase SpyHunter, your account will be configured for six month semi-annual automatic billing.

If you choose to cancel the automatic billing option, you can accomplish this by either: If you cancel automatic billing, we will not bill you for continued service when your account expires. If you desire continued service, it will be your responsibility to renew your account. If you remain on automatic billing, your account will automatically renew at the end of your subscription and your credit card will be billed accordingly.

SpyHunter is updated from time to time including but not limited to the following: You shall have the right to obtain Content Updates for the duration of your subscription, which is 6 months after your purchase of a license.

ESG may create a new version of its software, or otherwise create a Content Update that is sufficiently new or different that it will require purchase of a separate subscription to access such Content Update.

In such event, you nonetheless will have access to other Content Updates, which will permit you full benefit of your six-month license. This License does not otherwise permit Licensee to obtain and use Content Updates. The Software and any copies that you are authorized by ESG to make are the intellectual property of and are owned by ESG and its suppliers.

The structure, organization, Database, and code of the Software are the valuable trade secrets and confidential information of ESG and its suppliers. The Software is protected by copyright, including without limitation by United States Copyright Law, international treaty provisions and applicable laws in the country in which it is being used. The Software includes the curl and libcurl free software, which is subject to the following copyright and permissions: Copyright c – , Daniel Stenberg, daniel haxx.

All rights reserved. Permission to use, copy, modify, and distribute this software for any purpose with or without fee is hereby granted. You may not copy the Software, except as set forth in Section 2 “Software License”.

Any copies that you are permitted to make pursuant to this Agreement must contain the same copyright and other proprietary notices that appear on or in the Software. You agree not to modify, adapt or translate the Software. You also agree not to reverse engineer, decompile, disassemble or otherwise attempt to discover the source code of the Software except to the extent you may be expressly permitted to decompile under applicable law, it is essential to do so in order to achieve operability of the Software with another Software program, and you have first requested ESG to provide the information necessary to achieve such operability and ESG has not made such information available.

ESG has the right to impose reasonable conditions and to request a reasonable fee before providing such information. Any information supplied by ESG or obtained by you, as permitted hereunder, may only be used by you for the purpose described herein and may not be disclosed to any third party or used to create any Software which is substantially similar to the expression of the Software.

Trade names and or Trademarks “hereafter Trademarks” shall be used in accordance with accepted trademark practice, including identification of trademarks owners’ names.

Trademarks can only be used to identify printed output produced by the Software and such use of any trademark does not give you any rights of ownership in that trademark. Except as expressly stated above, this Agreement does not grant you any intellectual property rights in the Software. You may not rent, lease, sublicense or authorize all or any portion of the Software to be copied onto another user’s computer except as may be expressly permitted herein.

You may, however, transfer all your rights to use the Software to another person or legal entity provided that: Notwithstanding the foregoing, you may not transfer education, pre-release, or not for resale copies of the Software. As set forth in Section 2, above, the Software may only be used as licensed. You hereby acknowledge that the Software may not be uninterrupted and cannot be guaranteed error free and further acknowledge that the existence of any such errors shall not constitute a breach of this Agreement by ESG.

If the Software is a beta version, you acknowledge and agree that a the Software may contain errors and defects and may not function as intended or in accordance with its specifications; and b you assume all risk in using the Software and agree to take due care in the installation, execution and testing of the Software on your computer system.

The particular operating systems upon which the Software has been designed to execute will be published by ESG from time to time “Compatible OS”. You agree that you will not execute or install the Software on any operating system other than a Compatible OS. You acknowledge and agree that the Software may not execute correctly and may interfere with other software if executed on an operating system which is not a Compatible OS. In the event that any terms, conditions, representations or warranties are implied by statute, common law or equity “Prescribed Terms” into this Agreement which cannot be lawfully excluded, the Prescribed Terms will apply to this Agreement, save that the liability of ESG for breach of any Prescribed Terms will be limited, to the extent permitted by law, at the option and sole discretion of ESG, to any one or more of the following: If the liability of ESG for breach of any Prescribed Terms is capable of exclusion, they are hereby excluded to the fullest extent permitted by law.

Except as provided by the Prescribed Terms if any , which are not capable of exclusion or limitation, or as expressly set out in these terms: You acknowledge that this is the sole agreement between you and ESG, and you have exercised your independent judgment in acquiring the Software and have not relied upon any representations made by ESG which have not been stated expressly in this Agreement or upon any descriptions or illustrations or specifications contained in any document including catalogues or publicity material produced by ESG.

Your exclusive remedy shall be limited to either, at ESG’s option, the replacement of the Software or the refund of the license fee you paid for the Software. Nothing contained in this Agreement limits ESG’s liability to you in the event of death or personal injury resulting from ESG’s gross negligence or intentional misconduct.

For further information, please see the jurisdiction specific information at the end of this Agreement, if any, or contact ESG’s Customer Support Department.

You agree that the Software will not be shipped, transferred or exported into any country or used in any manner prohibited by the United States Export Administration Act or any other export laws, restrictions or regulations collectively the “Export Laws”.

In addition, if the Software is identified as export controlled items under the Export Laws, you represent and warrant that you are not a citizen, or otherwise located within, an embargoed nation including without limitation Iran, Iraq, Syria, Sudan, Libya, Cuba, North Korea, and Serbia and that you are not otherwise prohibited under the Export Laws from receiving the Software.

All rights to use the Software are granted on condition that such rights are forfeited if you fail to comply with the terms of this Agreement. This Agreement will be governed by and construed in accordance with the substantive laws in force in the State of New York.

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