Spitfire Audio Releases eDNA Earth, Senseless Chaotic Hell To ‘Strip the Enamel Off Your Teeth’

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There are NO returns on this product. Load up eDNA, with an award winning interface, slam in a cartridge and play play play. Such is the depth of content here that if you were to play each sound for 30 seconds, it would take you exactly 24 hours to listen to every instrument and patch
spitfire audio edna 01 earth kontakt

Spitfire Audio eDNA 01 Earth

There are NO returns on this product. Load up eDNA, with an award winning interface, slam in a cartridge and play play play. Such is the depth of content here that if you were to play each sound for 30 seconds, it would take you exactly 24 hours to listen to every instrument and patch Organised into virtual cartridges, slam one in and play play play! It contains two sound bays with individual and independent modulators, control of trim, bend, glide, cloning, tuning, ADSR and lpfs and hpfs and wobbles that modulate pitch, volume and filters.

There is an onboard gate sequencer that allows independent gating between these two bays and unified control of amount, and shape, speed and length of sequence. These two signals are then at last unified with a DJ style x-fader. Move between the sounds with the mouse or the factory-default assigned modulation wheel. But it doesn’t stop there. We’ve designed a custom script that oscillates the x-fader automatically with control over speed and phase.

There are two “layer fx” stages that effect sound A or B. A “motorised” FX stage that can either effect A, B or both. A master FX stage that effects the entire output.

Finally an auxilliary FX stage that can be sent via the layers or master FX stage. Any parameter of these can be assigned for automation or assignment to your controller. See this diagram to understand eDNA’s signal patch more fully: Featuring many searing leads, senseless chaotic frenzied hell, super fat basses, spluttering and gurgling vowels and atmospheric pads that give you no hope.

A truly dystopian vision delivered by a truly disturbed individual. Suitable not only for the rougher end of EDM this set of sounds would also fit well in with hybrid blockbuster and trailer work. Whoever you’re playing out to, they’re never going to have heard these sounds before!

In this cartridge Christian has curated his favourite sounds from Earth and has taken them to new levels within the eDNA engine to provide you with a rich palette of sounds suitable for the big screen. From a centre piece of synthetic orchestral instruments, to beautiful awe inspiring pads from another world, to Henson’s willfull abandon of the sonic rule book.

This cartridge features the lighter side of ‘EARTH’ with many sounds that would sit well in contemporary and edgy pop and dance. This cartridge centres around Stanley’s skills in creating infectious grooves both from the Gate Sequencer and from the many Time Machine based groove sequences within the EARTH vanilla instrument pool.

Disphoria takes you on a journey from quirky 8 bit and vintage game console sounds, through ambient techno, minimal house all the way along to steppy stuff that should carry and adult advisory! This is a cartridge to save for the weekend! Many of the vanilla instruments in EARTH derive from merging organic elements with Christian’s fine, rarefied vintage synthesizer collection. Along with the most valuable library of sample organic elements, Junos, Jupiters, SH’s MS20’s, Moogs and TB’s have been employed to create a whole new world of sonic opportunities.

One of the more retrospective of EARTH’s cartridge selection, Henson investigates his youth bunking into x rated thrillers in the late s and a childhood that witnessed the dawn of digital.

With his finger on the zeitgeist he created many “now” sounds for Disphoria but was also given stewardship of the sound swamp well someone had to do it. This cartridge features the simplest sonic couplings and operates within a hinterland between organic orchestral material. Many of you who use Albion and the Stephenson synths will know what this is. A selection of sounds that beautifully crossfade between their natural dynamic origins.

That sound almost like earthly instruments and ensembles. But just not quite. This cartridge is the most atmospheric and beautiful collections within this new arsenal of sound ware.

Hold a sound down and move the modulation wheel up very very slowly. Every sound here is programmed to morph out of all recognition via vibrant shimmering paths leaving haunting trails.

Wheelspin completes the free bundle of artists cartridges shipped with Earth. Related Items.

Spitfire Audio eDNA 01 Earth

Simple, intuitive and powerful interface Pads, Bass, Keys, Seq. Earth is a library that boasts a Earth derive from the orchestral and instrumental recordings created by Spitfire these last 7 years. As soon as you hear the sounds of this library, you feel the organic connection to the real instruments hidden in these mangled and painted sounds. What I love most about the sounds is the quality of them — they have a rich and lush feel but without losing any bite or clarity. At first, when opening up Earth and playing around with it, I was blown away by how cool everything sounded. You can really tweak the sounds so much, and basically anything you do inside the engine will sound real bad ass and pro.

VIDEO: Spitfire Audio eDNA 01 Earth

eDNA or Electronic DNA is the latest product from Spitfire Audio and we like with most Kontakt libraries, sound a bit hollow and not really that. This library is a free “KONTAKT player” library and requires no further purchases Once the sound banks were implanted into eDNA, Spitfire distributed ˜Earth. Spitfire PP Evo Grid 01 Strings KONTAKT-P2P | GB An extraordinary collection or hit “Randomise”, replay the MIDI and no cue will ever sound the same twice! Spitfire Audio eDNA 01 Earth KONTAKT-MAGNETRiXX · Spitfire Audio.

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