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Six of our hottest selling, warmest sounding plug-ins All designed by effects fanatics with huge stacks of hardware and the experience to back it up. EchoBoy – The Ultimate Echo Plug-In When we designed EchoBoy, we were looking for an echo that was warmer than existing delay plug-ins, yet not as dark as guitar pedal echos. Well it seems like we got this one just right.
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Six of our hottest selling, warmest sounding plug-ins All designed by effects fanatics with huge stacks of hardware and the experience to back it up. EchoBoy – The Ultimate Echo Plug-In When we designed EchoBoy, we were looking for an echo that was warmer than existing delay plug-ins, yet not as dark as guitar pedal echos. Well it seems like we got this one just right.

Since its release, EchoBoy has quickly become one of those ‘must-have’ plug-ins for Pro Tools, and has become a permanent fixture on the aux faders of hundreds of top mixers and engineers. Find an echo tone that fits your mix by choosing one of the 30 built-in echo styles modeled after our personal collection of vintage echos. Our favorite is the warm sound of “Studio Tape”, modeled after our ATR half-inch two-track machine. EchoBoy’s chorus even emulates the CE-2 chorus, considered a holy-grail of guitar chorus pedals.

And yes, turn it up! EchoBoy is designed to be abused, just like real analog gear. Designed for Musicians No math needed to figure out delay times! Just dial in a musical note value and lock it to your song’s tempo with the flip of a switch. Fine-tune the echo rhythm with the Groove, Accent, and Feel controls. With these simple controls, dial in a musical sound that fits your style.

EchoBoy is the only echo processor with true musical groove control. Pro Features Even though EchoBoy is easy to use, it’s also incredibly versatile. Switch to Dual Echo or Ping-Pong modes for powerful stereo echo effects.

Or use Rhythm mode’s remarkably easy-to-use tap rhythmic delay. Under the Style Tweak button you’ll find a 3-band parametric EQ with separate control over echo decay and tone. Choose the amount and type of analog saturation, dial in the amount of tape wobble, and even reverb-style diffusion control. There’s nothing anywhere that gives you this sort of control. We think that sound is important. So we designed FilterFreak to be fat. To be warm. To be, well, analog. All the reviews and feedback say we got it.

We also designed it to do all the things you do with filters. Even two flavors of the great old Sci-Fi sample and hold sound. But a plug -in needs to be more. A ll the fat and the flexibility of a whole closet full of filters and beyond.

Analog Sound You can select emulations of different filter types to get a wide range of classic sounds. Crank up the resonance to make it squeal. Yep, you can hit it hard coming in and going out, kind of like that old piece of hardware, only no batteries or cables, just great analog sound.

Oh and simulated wood side panels The Rhythm Mode gets you moving with the music. To get a little more creative, you can pop open the Rhythm Editor and create a custom pattern that fits your tune. Grab the Groove knob and use swing or shuffle to drop it in the pocket. The only filter that lets you get to your sound and feel fast. Need more power? Fire up FilterFreak2 It’s part of the package. That’s two fat analog filters you can run serial or parallel for total filter dominance.

As well as, 2, 4, 6, or 8 pole filters. Bass, guitar, drums, synths, vocals, anything you want to put through it and anyway you want it. Speed – Tempo and Pitch Control Change the tempo of drum loops. Shift the key of a bass line. SPEED is the utility that lets you take control of the tempo and the pitch with three different modes to make it easy to get what you need fast and without glitchy pitch artifacts.

In the Simple Mode, the first screen you see, you can easily speed up or slow down tempo or raise and lower pitch. Audition in real-time and see if it’s the sound you want.

You can even use your ear to tune a loop to your song. Or try slowing down the tempo while raising the pitch or visa-versa for interesting effects. Simple, fast, and great sound. Getting Graphic The second mode is Graphic mode. Perhaps the most creative of the three, Graphic Mode lets you draw lines to slowly change pitch or tempo or both, independent of each other, over time.

You can even see your waveform behind the graph to make it easy to do interesting effects, or subtle time shifting to fixing tempo errors in a file.

You can even use it to make minor tempo shifts on overly quantized files to add a bit more humanity. Calculated Effort In the Calculator Mode there is no effort. Simply enter in the tempo of your beat and the new tempo you want and “voila”. Same for the key, enter the current key, then the one you need and it’s just that easy. Whatever suits your needs there’s a mode that make’s it easy.

Phase Mistress – Analog Phaser Classic phase-shifting is a widely diverse sound. All of which were stacked in our test room, stock room and lining the halls. We needed to be sure PhaseMistress nailed that rich, warm, silky analog sound.

We put in tons of styles to emulate all the classics and do some things those old boxes couldn’t do, like MIDI sync, and a large preset library.

We think you’ll agree, PhaseMistress has got it all. We’ve heard crushed envelope phased drums and gritty phased out radio guitar. Turns out it’s more powerful than even we thought. This is one phase you won’t grow out of. Friendly Controls Even though PhaseMistress is deep, we wanted it to be easy to get your sound fast.

Presets are great and we included a bunch , but sometimes you just want to experiment, so we made the interface look and feel like a friendly piece of hardware. Switch between mod modes fast. Easily change styles and the whole sound of the phase.

All the main controls are right there to tweak, turn and automate. Go ahead, you won’t break it. Extreme Phasing MIDI locked 4 bar sweeps, custom rhythmic patterns, freaky talk box random phase, wide stereo swirls, every phase you’ve ever heard all in a straight -forward interface with automation. OK, we think we got it all in there. But just in case, we threw in a Tweak Menu so you could dig into the guts of Phasemistress and create your own sound or fine tune one of ours.

Tremolator Tremolo and Auto-Gate Need tremolo? We got you covered. Tremolator emulates the tremolo effect of classic guitar amps such as the Fender, and even the great tremolo sound of the Wurlitzer electric piano. Add dynamic control of speed and depth that lets the tremolo respond to the music. Then toss in MIDI sync to lock to your tempo. Oh, yeah, then there’s our programmable Rhythm Editor that let’s you write custom patterns and turns this amazing tremolo into a outrageous rhythmic auto-gate.

Vintage guitar effect and modern remix tool at your service. Gear heads that we are, we broke out the test gear and analyzed the waveforms created by some of our favorite old gear. Then we used our custom LFO waveshape editor built into Tremolator to perfectly recreate them. It’s very interesting to look at these shapes and see why each of these vintage pieces has a unique sound. Pass that through our Analog mode, which emulates going in and out of a piece of analog hardware, and you’ve got all the pieces of a great sounding tremolo..

Chop Shop: Auto-Gate Mania Switch the nice smooth tremolo waveforms over to a sharp squarewave and you turn this into a monster of an auto-gate. If straight note pulses isn’t what you need, use the Rhythm Editor to write your own cool groove You can even pull a groove from our library. Add some swing or shuffle, accents, and analog mode. You can even use the Waveshape Editor to tighten or loosen the gate time.

In the Tweak menu you’ll find the Dynamics controls. You can create cool speed ups or slow downs based on how loud or soft you play. You can create smooth increases in depth as your cords fade out, or heavy tremolo that fades away. Plus there are already some great presets in our Dynamics folder that you can “tweak” to fit your needs.

Crystallizer – Reverse Echo Effects Inspired by the Crystal Echoes preset in the Eventide H, Crystallizer combines granular reverse echo slicing and retro pitch processing to create a huge range of radical sonic manipulations and classics with a twist. Use it to create synth-like textures from simple acoustic guitar rhythms, lush detuned echos, or completely psychedelic pitch-shifted reverseecho effects.

Great for drums, guitar, bass, sound design, electronic music, and just about anything else – Crystallizer is a truly unique and creative effects processor. If you listened to the radio in the late 80s, you’ve heard the original Crystal Echoes effect.

It’s sound was absolutely unmistakable, and was often used on an intro or at the end of a song to create a synth-like pad from simple guitar chords.

Soundtoys 5 (Win)


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