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The Download Now link will download a small installer file to your desktop. Remain online and double-click the installer to proceed with the actual download. Sony won this niche by offering professional tools and functions at a fraction of the competitors’ prices. The latest version of Vegas Pro 12 adds a good deal of improvements to an already great video editor. Pros Packed full of features:
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Included in the package is DVD Architect 5. Does Sony Vegas 10 fit this trend as well? The Interface On starting up the software, the answer seems to be ‘partly’. Compared with previous versions, however, the v10 interface does look more like those of its rivals. The Video Preview window now has transport controls beneath it, the audio meters have shuffled over to the far right, and the Trimmer used for editing footage before placing it in the timeline is now displayed as part of the interface by default.

This is all very well if your clips are short and well organised, but it’s an approach that falls down if you have long clips, or clips which contain many useful shots. Fortunately for me at least! Clips will then load into the ‘Trimmer’, which functions much like other programs’ Source Viewers.

From there, clips can be marked up and either saved as Subclips back to the Project window until needed, or added to the timeline by dragging and dropping. It feels odd, though, to have to delve into Preferences to do something that seems the natural way to operate. There are two fundamental kinds of timeline editing. Vegas builds the timeline the other way round, by asking that you put everything in and then remove the unwanted — it’s subtractive editing.

FCP and Premiere sit somewhere in the middle — they are designed to work equally well either way round, so users can choose their own method. That said, once you get digging Vegas Pro 10 is actually stuffed with professional features, so ultimately whether or not you enjoy the interface comes down to personal preference and method. Audio Improvements The audio mixer in Vegas Pro is much more comprehensive than that of most NLEs, and now includes up to 26 input buses.

The heritage of Vegas Pro is as an audio editing package, and v10 still has features that show these origins. New in this release are input buses, which allow you to both loop your timeline out to external effects hardware, mix external audio sources into the timeline and monitor external audio sources such as talkback mics.

This is something that’s not usually so easy to do in an NLE. You can add up to 26 input buses, which should be plenty for most people. Input buses are added directly to the Audio Mixing Console, and can be assigned to any available input to the PC.

Similarly, their outputs can be assigned to the timeline Master bus if it’s to be used to add audio into the timeline or directly to an output from the PC, if it’s not. It’s all very well being able to loop out to an external effects processor, but to make that useful, you need to be able to capture the result. Audio effects were already pretty well catered for beforehand, but Vegas Pro 10 has added the ability to apply them to individual events on the timeline.

Conversely, one of the new features of Media Composer 5 was to allow audio effects to be applied to entire tracks rather than to individual clips, such is the difference in focus of the two. Audio level monitoring has also been improved. All very nice, and in keeping with Vegas’ audio credentials. The only surprise is that input buses haven’t been incorporated before now! Vegas Pro 10 can edit stereoscopic 3D material. We can expect to see the 3D production arena expanding in the years ahead.

This is essential, because viewers find drastic changes in 3D environment from shot to shot disturbing. The Cineform Neo3D codec is also supported, although it’s not included in the package. Here you can see two 3D modes: For this reason I’d say it’s better to use some external captioning software for the task.

Video Effects The Stereoscopic 3D Adjust effect allows separate keyframing of each parameter with Bezier control, but most effects cannot be keyframed in this way. The big noise in the video side is of course the 3D editing, but some work has been done in the video effects department as well, although not to the extent that many users might have been hoping.

Unfortunately the lack of ‘keyframing’ the video equivalent of automation for effects parameters is still a frustration in v10, and you cannot easily automate changes over time.

A solution could be on the way, however. Stabilisation controls are quick and easy to set up, but don’t expect the effect to work miracles on very shaky footage! Also new in Vegas Pro 10 is an image stabiliser, which as its name implies, tries to remove the wobbles from handheld camera footage. By comparison with other image stabilisers I’ve used it was quick to render, but don’t get your hopes up too much. Once you’ve shot the performance using two or more cameras, you can sync them up and then edit ‘live’ on the timeline, switching back and forth as the sequence plays back as if you were mixing different cameras live.

Vegas Pro 10 has some useful improvements to its Multi-camera Editing mode, and after editing you can expand the single multicam track into multiple tracks again, in order to choose whether to keep the inactive angles in the timeline, or delete them altogether.

Other smaller improvements include: DVD Architect Pro 5. Buyers of Vegas Pro 10 will get version 5. This has been implemented to improve disc burning reliability, with more supported disc burners.

Otherwise, nothing else has changed. As mentioned previously, it would have made sense to have included support for the new 3D Blu-ray format, given the capabilities of the editing package, but this has not been done, so DVD Architect Pro remains much as before.

Conclusion Sony Vegas Pro 10 continues to snap at the heels of its mainstream rivals even though it only pulls away from them in its ‘home territory’: However, performance is adequate rather than spectacular: As an upgrade from the previous version, I’m left with the feeling that more could have been done to enhance key areas such as video effects and video playback performance. Hopefully these will receive a boost in the next release!

Still, for those who are used to the DAW environment and looking to learn video editing, Vegas Pro could present an easier and less expensive way to transfer ediitng and software skills than some of its fuller-featured rivals.

Importantly, it does these in the background while the editor gets on with the editing job itself.


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