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Your cart is empty Unable to add items to cart Unfortunately, we had trouble loading your cart. Scrolling Capture 2: From the All-in-one tab click the Capture button, move the crosshairs over the window to capture, and click one of the yellow arrows depending on the direction you want to scroll. Snagit captures everything visible in the window and creates a single image that you can edit Try panoramic capture If you find scrolling capture helpful, you might be interested in Panoramic Capture, which allows you to capture just a portion of a scrolling window.
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Free Alternative to Snagit for Taking Screenshot

At a Glance TechSmith Snagit 12 We live in an age when visual communication is ubiquitous, and thus, being able to show rather than tell is vital. Snagit has long been one of the top screen capture tools for helping you do so, and Snagit 12 continues to advance the standard, at a reasonable price given the broad functionality.

First, the basics: Snagit 12 provides a full suite of image-capture functionality, including many options and variations: You can select the entire screen, a rectangular subset, an active window, and so on. You can capture the entire scrolling region of a window most often used for webpages , as opposed to simply the visual region.

After capture, Snagit 12 launches a powerful image editing tool, allowing you to apply various filters and effects, clip the image if necessary, or add text, callouts, or additional markup. The range of image editing options is impressive; for people with basic graphic manipulation needs, it can replace a low-end standalone tool. The Snagit editor’s Library function makes organizing and finding your captures easy. Output of the capture is similarly broad: Furthermore, output can be shared or sent to many destinations, from a Word document to cloud storage such as Dropbox to your WordPress blog or to several social media sites.

Our best Windows 10 tricks, tips and tweaks ] Snagit 12 comes with the ability to save or share to many targets, and you can download more from their site. This feature was added in Snagit 11, and Snagit 12 enhances it in several ways. You can perform simple editing, such as clipping sections of video, after the capture. Save a variety of settings into a “profile”, then call it up prior to capturing. A feature well-worth noting is the library functionality, which is great if you work with a lot of images for multiple projects.

The ability to tag images, and to add labels, really helps keep things sorted if your collection grows to the dozens or hundreds.

I found some of the automated help popups to be annoying, but they go away quickly and then you forget they were ever there. Many of the features are customizable to suit your tastes: You can have a pull-down control to access capture functions, a taskbar icon, both, or neither.

At a Glance TechSmith Snagit 12 If image or video capturing is something you do more than once a week, Snagit 12 is essential.

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Rate this App SnagIt is the solution you were looking for to capture any element on your screen. The first difference with the others captors is that SnagIt allows you to capture any video image without having to configure RGB options in the video player. It is one of the most completes screen captors. You can choose 12 established patterns to capture images, you ca capture the full screen, a part of it, a web page scrolling it automatically , Once you have your captured screen, you can use the built-in editor and apply it lots of effects, from edging it, to paint and write on it. Of course you can add watermarks to the image. And the editor can be used with any image, it doesn’t have to be captured with SnagIt.

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Other than traditional full screen the capturing area can be set to window, SnagIt supports instant images and video sharing on YouTube. SnagIt file size: MB. Snagit the ultimate screen capture tool. Published by: License. Shareware. Cost. $ Trial Period. #TechSmith #SnagIt # #FullVersion – Buy TechSmith SnagIt Full ellipse, rounded rectangle), full-screen windows of DOS-programs and windows of.

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