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Other times, like at a conference I shot in DC this past April, at several times during the show, I was asked to swoop in and do an impromptu setup in a room to grab a particular session, usually just a few minutes before the session started. A few times I was moving chairs to make room for my tripods and plugging my Tascam into the soundboard as the moderator was introducing the next speaker. Premiere Pro CC 18 has great tools in the Color panel for addressing these issues, particularly with exposure and highlights.

One concern our reviewer had with Denoiser II was the slow rendering times, so I expected that to be a drawback, though I was hoping things might have improved in the intervening years.

You can work with it on different machines if you keep the license key handy, but you have to reactivate it every time you try to run it on a new PC, and naturally it deactivates on the one where you used it last. As with any other effect, choose it and drag it onto the clip you want to denoise. Figure 1. As with other effects in Premiere Pro, the Denoise effect can be keyframed or applied to a portion of a clip via a mask.

Figure 2. This clip, a presentation from the Computers in Libraries conference in Washington, DC, is dark and already a bit noisy as shot. Figure 3. The original clip To begin with, I adjusted the white balance and exposure in the Color panel and slightly crushed the blacks.

As you can see in Figure 4 below , this brightened up the image considerably but added even more noise. Figure 4. Amount and Radius. As with other Premiere Pro effects, you can adjust these parameters either by selecting the parameter and typing in different numbers, or by clicking on the number and dragging it right to increase the value or left to decrease it.

Figure 5 below shows a before left and after right shot of the color-corrected and denoised clip. Figure 5. Before and after This clip shows the video pre-denoised and post-denoised: Event and documentary filmmaker tests the plug-in on two different clips and shows before-and-after results and assesses Denoiser’s usability, effectiveness, and rendering speed.


Magic Bullet Suite terdiri dari beberapa effects yang berbeda, dimana masing-masing memiliki kapabilitas yang sangat mengesankan. Secara umum, effects ini digunakan memang untuk menghasilkan kualitas color grading yang cinematic. Mulai dari memberikan warna terbaik yang sesuai dengan selera color grading perfilman, hingga memberikan effect kecantikan pada detil kulit. Dengan Magic Bullet Suite, kalian bisa juga melakukan koreksi warna secara real time, cinematis dan intuitif. Tanpa perlu beralih ke aplikasi yang berbeda. Untuk menginstall, kalian butuh Red Giant Magic Bullet Suite terbaru dan serial number untuk menghilangkan trial version.

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