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Set Electric for all Occasions Set Northern Rock Ballad Set
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Band in a box 10 mega pak

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Set Electric for all Occasions Set Northern Rock Ballad Set Jazz Organ Set Smooth Jazz – Sax Soloing Set Smooth Jazz – Trumpet Soloing Set Jazz Guitar Soloing and More Set Jazz Rhythm Guitar: Bossa and Swing Set Modern Bluegrass Waltz Set Unplugged Country Swing Set More Country Waltz: More Western Swing: Folk and Country Swing Set Uptempo Reggae Set Brent Mason Rock Soloing Set Calypso Pop Set Medium Pop Waltz Set Gypsy Jazz — Fast Swing Set Gypsy Jazz — Ballad Set Brent Mason Country Soloing Set TexMex 2-Beat Set More Pop-Rock Bass Set Crossover Pop Set Fast Pop Waltz Set Gypsy Jazz Latin Set Gypsy Jazz Waltz Set Texas Blues-Rock Shuffle Set Pop 16ths Ballads Set Pop 16ths Medium Set Dixieland – Fast Rhythm Section Set Dixieland — Fast Soloists Set Jazz-Funk Breezy Set Jazz Fusion Soloing Set Mike LeDonne Bossa Set Solo Accompaniment Jazz Guitar Set Fancy Fingerpicking Set John Jarvis Pop Piano Set Texas Blues-Rock: Straight-8ths Set Modern Dance Pop Set Folk-Pop Ballads Set Dixieland – Medium Rhythm Section Set Son Montuno Set John Jarvis Country Piano Set Country Boogie and More Set Western Swing Soloists Set Killer Country Soloing Set Medium Folk-Pop 8ths Set EuroDance Set Celtic Bouzouki and Guitar Set Pop Mandolin, Piano, and Guitar Set Dixieland – Medium Soloists Set Guitar – Jazz and More!

Classic Jazz Piano Set Smooth Jazz Piano Set Country Soloists: Sax and More! More Killer Country Soloing Set New Orleans Boogie! Jazz Electric Piano Set JazzPop Piano Set Country Waltz Set Pop String Quartet Set Funky Horns Set Rockabilly Set 1 — Fifties Rock and Roll! Motown Vintage Keys and More! World Synths Set Pop and Country, Piano and Strings Set Flute and Saxes with Jack Stafford Set New Orleans Mardi Gras 16ths Set New Orleans Shuffle Set Modern Pop with Zane Carney Set Great Pop Drums and Percussion Set Surf Rock!

Pop String Quartets Set New Age Piano and More Set Tote Hosen? Cocktail Jazz Horns! Danny Gottlieb Jazz Drums Set Straight Ahead Funk! Swingin’ Funk! Blues Baritone and Resonator Guitars Set Country Brushes and Percussion Set Old Time Folk Set Rockabilly Swing Set Traditional Celtic Percussion Set David Gilmour.

Noch mehr Hall drauf. Amazing Modern Pedal Steel Set Brent Mason Nylon Guitar Set A Taste of Peru Set Latin America Set Old Time and Celtic Set Celtic Harp Set Sounds of Hawaii Set Crooner Bossa Big Band! Crooner Ballad Big Band! More Blues:

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Can you use this player? Yes, but how would you search music during a playback? Can be played by computers or smartphones, as the mp3 songs. You will not be able to change the tonality, nor other parameters, as instrument type etc. MIDI It is an exclusively digital format and can be played only by some specific players, but also computers or smartphones that have installed the appropriate software. You can vary virtually all of the parameters, tone, presence and type of instruments. Keys of the Backing Tracks Select the Key The key of a song is chosen according to vocal and instrumental requirements, as some arrangements make it better in different keys.

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The electronic download of the Windows-compatible eMedia Music . In addition to the supporting Video RealTracks, compound time signatures, audio tuning. Der Clou von BAND-IN-A-BOX sind die fantastischen RealTracks! Hier zeigt sich die „Intelligenz“ des Programmes. RealTracks ersetzen MIDI-Instrumente und. neue RealTracks (Sets ). $ . USB hard drive DVD Download only USB flash drive Media Auslieferungs-Typen – vollständige Erklärung.

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