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Nonetheless, such applications are clearly designed for experts in that field and for medical students, for example, the relevance of this utility will be quite important. It is also worth taking into consideration the ease of use, which becomes evident with each run, as well as the nicely designed interface that facilitates the access to all the features of the program. Working with RadiAnt Viewer could hardly be simpler given it innate ability to recognize DICOM files from a folder you select and have them displayed in a sequence so you can take a closer look. Loading the images is best done by deciding which is the containing directory and this practice should be common if we are to consider a better practice allocating for each patient a special folder, where all the scans and other personalized records should be kept for fast retrieval, following the example of individual medical history. The generous space allocated for the imagery is accompanied by a set of features that increase the overall value of the application.
radiant dicom

RadiAnt DICOM Viewer

It comes to offer you a unique experience. The 3D cursor allows you to simply detect the place of files. You can identify the place on several 2D paths. The users can export their choose images as graphics files. This software supports the changing with the horizontal scroll. There are multiple 3D pre-sets for effective 3D renderings.

The users can share studies to radiant from other PACS places. The users can maintain the brightness and make a contrast. Furthermore, It has the pre-set windows arrangement for computed lung and bone, etc. The users can spin their image to 90 and 80 degrees angle. You can also flip the horizontal and vertical your image parts. Therefore 3D cursor helps to place the same construction in several series. You can view your series with pre and post difference.

The logo image is a modify option. It helps you to display your company material to your clients. This software has the choice of fluid zooming and panning. The users can easily search their files in their folders. They can easily show their files in an arrangement. You can create separate files and folders for your patients. And display them instantly. It provides you comprehensive scanning.

All your record is safe. You can get your record at any time within a few clicks. The split view allows you to display more than 20 slides at the same time. It allows you to join different kinds of measurement to your files. You can also make the explanation of your files. The users can manage their medical graphical presentations. The medical students and doctors used it mostly. It is simple to use and easy to understand. It has an instinctive and modern graphical user interface.

The users can easily reach to all its outstanding tools. Therefore users can maintain their images, and browse it through the scanning. You can also measure all elements in your slides. It also solves all previous images problems. This version makes better the help for breast tomosynthesis images.

This version contains the modern tools. There is a new 3D cursor feature in the 2d viewer windows. How to Active?

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No reviews No Video Only qualified individuals can handle medical imaging graphical representations, but they also need specialized hardware as well as programs. The tool lets you view DICOM files, turn on annotations, enable the negative mode and add various types of measurement, like length, angle or ellipse. To load images you can select the containing folder, which is the best recommended practice. Besides imagery, the tool comes with an interesting set of features like the option to choose a split view to see up to 20 slides at the same time. Other functions offered by this program include the possibility to edit the images, show patient data and browse through multiple scans It also contains various tools for measuring elements inside the slides such as for ellipse, pencil, length, angle or Cobb angle. Software Specifications.

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Download RadiAnt DICOM Viewer. Only qualified individuals can handle medical imaging graphical representations, but they also need. PACS-DICOM Viewer. RadiAnt is a PACS-DICOM viewer for medical images designed to provide you with a unique experience. Online Store – Product selection. RadiAnt DICOM Viewer. 99 EUR per license.

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