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Customers will discover new ways to improve efficiency, cash flow, order fulfillment and security. If you have any questions about QuickBooks or these new features, please contact us at Group. We will have one of our Certified ProAdvisors reach out to you. Save time merging vendors Do you import your charges from your credit card and end up with multiple vendors in your list?
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What’s New with QuickBooks Desktop/Enterprise 2018?

Join me for a review of these features. Multi-Monitor Support Available With: When this setting is enabled, each open window in QuickBooks will display a Move Window to Next Monitor button near the top right.

Tailor your workspace for more productivity by moving individual QuickBooks windows onto up to three connected monitors.

Multi-Monitor Mode does not work if you access your QuickBooks in a hosted environment. For those with an Enhanced Payroll Subscription2, from the displayed Home page, when payroll liability payments are within seven days of their scheduled payment due date, the Home page will display a red marker on the Pay Liabilities icon.

Helps make sure you and your clients are reminded of upcoming payroll liability payments. On the Home page, QuickBooks displays a red reminder badge seven days prior to the scheduled payment due date. This reminder prominently displays on the Home page, helping to increase peace of mind that future payroll liabilities payments are not missed. Be sure to remind your clients of the importance of scheduling their payroll liability payments.

With the template selected, from the lower left Templates drop-down menu select Edit Template. From a displayed Invoice in QuickBooks, users can optionally select to Turn Off the visibility of the Past Due stamp for the selected invoice when printed or emailed, without affecting the default setting in template customization.

Optionally, set a template preference to include the Past Due stamp on emailed or printed invoices. Make a decision invoice-by-invoice to turn off the visibility of the Past Due stamp on the selected invoice when printed or emailed. Merge Vendor Records Available With: Accountant and Enterprise Unlock this and other accountant tools while onsite with your clients, using QuickBooks Pro and Premier and using your Accountant ToolBox access. The new Merge Vendor feature provides a consolidated window to efficiently identify and merge duplicated vendor records.

Select up to four individual vendor records, designate one as the master record and merge them together. Optionally, update vendor record fields on the master record before merging. Specific vendors that cannot be selected for a merge include: Tax authorities, vendors that have been paid using online banking, payroll service vendors and vendors with direct deposits.

To copy an entire row on a transaction: To paste the clipboard contents to a new row: Efficiently work with transactions that require repeating rows of information.

New keyboard shortcuts will save time. With the simplicity of a click, users can toggle displayed reports between Cash or Accrual Basis. Search Chart of Accounts Included With: New search box on the chart of accounts window makes it easier to find and select a chart of account or sub-account by typing an account number, account name or partial words of an account name.

Searching is easier and more convenient than having to scroll through a long chart of accounts list. Updated Email Security Included With: Security includes signing in with your Intuit ID account. Once set up, you no longer need to enter your webmail password when emailing from within QuickBooks. Access and refresh tokens track that you have authorized QuickBooks to access your webmail. Mobile Inventory Scanning Included With: QuickBooks Enterprise To connect a mobile barcode scanning or Android device5, log into the Enterprise company file as the Admin user.

For technical details about wirelessly connecting a barcode device or Android phone to the QuickBooks Enterprise file, click the hyperlink text fields. Using a barcode device or Android phone to record inventory, pick quantities at the warehouse.

Mobile device recording of picked quantities improves accuracy and efficiency in the picking, packing and sales recording process in QuickBooks Enterprise with Advanced Inventory. Mobile Scanner — overview of setup: Wirelessly connect mobile barcode device s or Android phone s to the QuickBooks Enterprise file with Advanced Inventory.

Create a vendor record for each warehouse picker and assign the new vendor type: Warehouse User. When picking inventory with the mobile device, barcodes can be scanned to record the quantity picked or the quantities can be manually updated on the mobile device. To connect a mobile barcode scanning or Android device, log into the Enterprise company file as the Admin user.

For technical details about wirelessly connecting a supported device to the QuickBooks Enterprise file, or about working with the New Sales Order Fulfillment Worksheet, click the hyperlink text fields. Real-time access to the status of sales order fulfillment in QuickBooks Enterprise. Option to print the picklists and update the picked quantity manually in QuickBooks. In QuickBooks Enterprise, inventory picklists are prioritized and created from sales orders. Picklists are assigned to a Warehouse User and synced with the mobile device s across warehouse s.

A Warehouse User signs into the mobile app from the warehouse location internet connection required. The assigned picker scans barcodes or serial number barcodes — or, if not scanning, manually enters the quantity of items picked. Updated picklist details are sent back to the QuickBooks Enterprise file. No worries. Print the picklist, take it to the floor and update the quantity picked. Inventory Report Customization Included With: Customizable display options added to the following inventory reports: Multiple monitors not available in a hosted environment.

For more information: Learn more about Advanced Inventory http:

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