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Cached memory will take up the memory required for brand new apps, and Memory Cleaner X will increase performance by cleanup cached memory. Associate in Nursing animated standing icon within the menu bar shows you the share of memory being employed, furthermore as memory cleanup being run. These will be set by the CleanMem Settings program within the begin menu. It replicates the sensation of a contemporary system restart.
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How to Clear Memory and Increase RAM in Windows 10/8/7?

Desktop Computers Shut down the computer and unplug its power cable. Hold in the power button for a few seconds to discharge any remaining electricity.

Remove the side panel from your computer case. The panel may be held in place by a latch at the top of the case or by a few thumb screws or Phillips screws at the back. Lay the computer on its side on a desk or table with the opening facing upward and ground yourself by touching an unpainted metal surface on the case. Press down the holding clips on either side of the RAM bay holding the stick you want to clean.

The RAM bays are located near the processor and you may have between two to eight of them, depending on your computer.

Once the holding clips are released, the RAM should eject. Blow off any loose dust or debris from the RAM using canned air.

Hold the module by its edges lengthwise. Clean the contacts using a cotton swab slightly moistened with rubbing alcohol. You can also use a soft cloth that does not leave fibers behind, such as a lens cleaning cloth. Set the RAM module aside and allow it to dry completely. Blow out the empty RAM bay with canned air. Replace the RAM sticks in their bays after you’re sure they’re dry. Make sure you line up the notches correctly. Apply firm and even downward pressure to each side of the module until it snaps into place.

Remove the wrist strap if applicable, replace the side panel, plug the power cable back in and power on the computer. Laptop Computers 1. Power down your laptop, remove the power cable and take out the battery. Usually, the battery is held in place by a sliding latch at the bottom of the case. Ground yourself by touching an unpainted metal object. If you decide to use an anti-static wrist strap, attach the alligator clip to the unpainted metal surface and attach the strap to the wrist on your dominant hand.

Press and hold the power button for a few seconds to discharge residual power. Lay the laptop upside-down on a desk or table and locate the RAM bay door. Usually the door is labeled as such, or it may have a RAM stick icon printed on it.

Remove the Phillips screw s holding the door in place and remove the door. Use two fingers to push out the two latches holding the RAM stick in place.

The RAM should pop upward at a degree angle. Carefully slide the RAM from its slot at a degree angle, holding the module by its edges. Clean the module using a cotton swab or soft cloth slightly moistened with rubbing alcohol and set it aside to dry completely. Replace the RAM stick after it’s dry by inserting it into its slot at a degree angle and pushing it down until it snaps into place.

Make sure you fill the bay on the bottom before the one on the top. Replace the RAM cover and its screw s , and remove the anti-static strap if you used one.

Reinstall the battery and power the laptop back on. Things Needed Anti-static wrist strap highly recommended Phillips screwdriver Warnings If your environment is overly prone to electrostatic build-up cold and dry environments, for example , you should strongly consider using an anti-static strap because RAM modules are easily damaged by static electricity.

When replacing RAM sticks in a desktop, make sure you press straight down. Any sideways motion can damage the module. Likewise, install laptop RAM at a degree angle, and only push down when the module is fully seated. Some sources advocate cleaning RAM contacts with a pencil eraser, but the acids and chemicals in the eraser can damage the contacts, as can the shavings from the eraser.

If you remove the RAM door and discover only one RAM module, the second may be housed under the keyboard or on the motherboard itself. References 1 Microsoft At Home: Steele also works as an IT Help Desk analyst, specializing in consumer and business user tech support. She earned a B. Photo Credits.

Why choose Wise Memory Optimizer?

Have you ever met this issue that your computer is equipped with a very big hard drive, but the computer still runs very slow? Do you know why? The best way is to free up, clear memory and increase RAM. But how? You can directly follow any one of the below-provided methods to get rid of high CPU usage issue and increase RAM on your computer now: Quick Fix: Select Task Manager, go to Processes, locate and find the programs or software that are taking the most memory and CPU usage.

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