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Release Date: August 28, Platform: Rebellion Publisher: Rebellion Genre: A co-op third-person shooter set up like a s adventure serial, the game offers a unique brand of fun, brimming with British humor and an aesthetic that infuses vintage newsreel charm with vibrant, Saturday morning cartoon pops of color. Up to four players can team up to mow down monsters with a customizable arsenal of guns and grenades, as well as character-specific amulets that unlock supernatural special attacks that clear multiple enemies at once.

The controls are standard third-person shooter fare, and movement feels smooth and responsive. Andromeda, and even Plants vs. Garden Warfare 2 are third-person shooters that allow you to link your actions together naturally and enter a sort of flow state where your movements become rhythmic. The devil is in the details. Also, melee attacks stop you dead in your tracks, which breaks the flow of action in an awkward way. The good news is that nothing in the game feels especially broken or unbalanced, and on the whole, Strange Brigade can be an absolute blast to play.

An overwhelming number of baddies can crowd in on you at any given time, but to help even the odds, various deadly traps are strewn about the environments, triggered by well-placed gunfire. Swinging blades, spinning blades, spike traps, fire traps, the obligatory exploding barrels, and more can all be used to aid in enemy extermination.

In fact, using the environment to your advantage is by far the most effective route to survival. It can be a thrill to barely escape death by luring monsters into a fire trap and reducing them to ashes, and an even bigger thrill when a fellow adventurer sets off a trap and saves your hide.

The game offers three main modes: Campaign, Horde, and Score Attack. You and your teammates choose between four heroes: Is this the end for our heroes? His quips are invasive by design, but because the writing is so sharp, it never feels like an unwelcome distraction.

The narration actually colors the experience in a wonderful way, making certain mundane tasks like puzzles, which you encounter often but are more tedious than they are head-scratching a lot more engaging and memorable than they would have been otherwise. The lush, colorful environments Rebellion has crafted are surprisingly striking and detailed for a title one would think could get away with a more simplistic cartoon approach to visuals.

Bernard Boo is a freelance contributor.

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The problem has always been that if you misplace or accidentally throw away the CD case or box, the product key often goes with it. However, if you have already installed the game and entered a product key, all is not lost. A utility called Game Key Revealer has been designed specifically for the sole purpose of reading and recovering game CD Keys and Serials for installed games on your computer. The creator also has another tool called SoftKey Revealer which concentrates on recovering Windows and application serial numbers. Game Key Revealer is possibly the only free tool around to specifically look for and reveal game keys, most other tools are shareware and only show a few characters of the key unless you register. Game Key Revealer is only about KB in size and portable so you can run it without installing onto your computer.


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