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What’s new in OpenShot Video Editor 2. Bump version to 2. Feature-rich, yet user-friendly interface The program comes wrapped in a sleek and stylish UI designed with tones of black and grey. The main window consists of three panels, namely the area where you can preview the files, transitions or effects, the timeline and the player where you can preview your projects.
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Advertisement Editor’s Rating If you would like to create professional-quality videos without seeking the services of an expert, then OpenShot will come to your rescue. The free video editor packs many features while remaining relatively simple for the everyday user. It is a full-featured editor that offers many transitions and is compatible with almost all media formats, including different types of video, audio and image files. Using OpenShot The main program window featured tabs for working with project files as well as adding transitions and effects respectively.

The files we selected appeared on the upper left part of the graphical user interface, and we could add them to the timeline on the lower part of the window. A preview window on the right side allowed us to see the results of our design. The program allowed us to view only video, audio or image files at a time, but we could also show all files at once.

Adding the files we wanted to use was a breeze, as all we needed to do was drag and drop them into our project.

Once we had added files to the timeline, we could easily add image, audio and video effects by clicking on the ‘Effects’ tab.

Adding the effects was also as easy as dragging the desired effects and dropping them onto our clips. For example, we added bass to a music clip and changed an image to black and white simply by dragging and dropping appropriate effects, which were clearly labeled. The audio and video effects had separate settings for controlling their individual behaviors. We easily changed the settings of desired effects from the clip properties window.

The project settings window enabled us to adjust such settings as aspect ratio, width, height, frames per second, length and name.

We could zoom in and out of the files in the timeline depending on what we wanted to do. For example, zooming in enabled us to make better alignment of files, which was important when mixing video and audio files.

The free video editor let us choose between static and 3-D animated titles. It integrated with a 3-D animation program called Blender 3D and vector-editing software known as Inkscape. Conclusion Whether you want to create videos for YouTube or something else, OpenShot will serve you well. The free video editor is easy to use and includes many handy features. It has presets that allow you to create videos that are compatible with YouTube, and you can even use it to create Blu-ray videos on DVD media.

With so few good contenders in the video editing department, Openshot is a nice addition and certainly a worthy choice.

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Believe it or not, Openshot offers not only an easy-to-use software but also a quick-learn and powerful video editing software. How come? Now you can take a look at some of the most popular features offered by the software. Check them all below to entrust yourself about this strength of the software. Openshot Video Editor Features 1. Cross-Platform As one of the most popular video editing software, Openshot is categorized as a cross-platform video editing software which is designed for Linux, Mac, and Windows. This capability enables you to download the software and install it as soon as you need it.

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OpenShot Video Editor is a versatile video editor that can take your videos, photos and music files to help you create your own movies. Jun 27, OpenShot is a free, simple-to-use, feature-rich video editor. The application can take your videos, photos, and music files and help you create. Download Openshot Video Editor for Windows – Do you believe that Download Openshot Video Editor Latest Version for Windows (32 bit)- Download. Support.

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