Net premiums Law and Legal Definition

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Net premium is a term that can have various meanings. One, it refers to the portion of the premium needed to pay for future losses. Two, it also refers to the resulting amount after deducting the agent’s commissions from the gross premium.
net premium

Net premium vs Gross premium


Net Premium of Non Life Insurance- First Quarter 2075/76

DevonMatthews Ton up Member Im trying to answer the following question from a textbook “In many countires life insurance liabilities are calcuated using a net premium valuation method, what form of margins does this approach incorporate? What are the benefits and risks of this approach? Net premium valuations are simplified formula-based valuations using conservative interest and mortality assumptions. In this context, this means that the interest discount rate is lower than best estimate while the mortality rates are higher. For participating also called with-profit business, the interest rate is further reduced to allow for future bonuses also called dividends. Typically, net premium valuations incorporate an allowance for the amortization of some initial expenses, which reduces new business strain.

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Legal definition of net valuation premium: a premium for a life insurance policy set after a determination of the amount needed to cover liabilities and maintain. Consider an insurance policy which is financed by net premiums. The net premium reserve at the end of the kth policy year for an endowment. Net premiums and gross premiums are terms used to describe the income an insurance company receives in exchange for the risks it assumes under insurance.

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