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My problem is with my DVD-writer. When I first switched to Windows 7, there was no problem. But after a while, I can’t write anything anymore. I’m using Nero 9, to exact, version 9. First, the burning would not finish, and somewhere in the middle of burning, it’ll send out an error. This happens for a week or two. At first I thought my blank CDs are bad.

But then, they’d work on another computer with another writer. Then, it wouldn’t burn at all, and whenever I try to burn something, it’ll freeze my computer. Only a reset will work then. Since I have another computer, I burn things from the other computer, but the problem gets worse. I thought this is a hardware problem. I changed my SATA cables. That doesn’t solve anything.

After trying this a few times, and always having to reset my computer as a result, it comes to a point where my computer wouldn’t even start windows. I have to unplug my DVD writer from the motherboard, and after that no problem at all with starting Windows or any other application. So, I went to my vendor, and traded my Samsung DVD with an identical drive, thinking that I had bought a defective drive.

I then did an experiment. I exchanged my Samsung with my LG. That computer is running Vista also Nero 9. Wonder of wonders: My LG drive also works in my Windows 7! For a while that is!

I burned a few DVDs, thinking the problem is solved thinking that Windows 7 might have driver problems with the Samsung drive. However, yesterday, I wanted to burn a CD, when suddenly my computer freezes again.

I have to reset the computer. I tried to put a CD to my optical drive to test it, and it freezes also. After a few times rebooting, Windows 7 wouldn’t start, so I again unplug my DVD drive from my motherboard. And the result was instantaneous. Windows loaded without problem, everything else is fine. Of course I don’t have a DVD drive now.

So, I’m scratching my head now What is wrong? It can’t be hardware, since I already tried two different drives.

I’m thinking it could be incompatibility issues between Nero 9 and Windows 7. I haven’t gotten around to trying burning with other software. I’ve always used Nero all these times. But it doesn’t make sense to me. If Nero is bad, then why would it make my drive be unable to read also?

Or have problem starting Windows? If anyone has a similar problem and has a solution, it’ll be greatly appreciated.

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This time it comes even more powerful and with some new features which will allow us to improve our burning experience, no matter if we’ll deal with Cds or DVDs or even BluRay. Nero offers you lots of useful features and it’s always improving the burning methods. This time, with Nero 9 we’ll enjoy a new interface and really powerful tools which will make our Cd and DVD copies to be better than ever. The interface is different and it includes some options that weren’t included in Nero 8.

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day trial versions ✓ Free Products ✓ Smartphone Apps ✓ Nero Tools ✓ Update Discs ▻ Further information. The Multimedia King in the Software Jungle. Nero 9 [OLD VERSION]. by Nero. Platform: Windows Vista, Windows XP Windows 8 / XP / 7 .. The latest updater () is compatible with Windows 7. Nero Burning ROM, which is often referred to simply as Nero for short, is an authoring program for optical discs such as CDs, DVDs and Blu-rays. In addition to CDs, DVDs and Blu-ray discs, it is compatible with disk image files, AVCHD data discs, ISO/UDF data discs, bootable data.

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