NEC Topaz programming card SMDR IP2WW EXIFU B1 GST Included Telecom Systems

Table of Contents Program External Speaker and Internal Paging Program Voice Mail Setup Program
nec topaz

NEC Topaz. SMDR/CDR data format and connection settings

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Table of Contents Program External Speaker and Internal Paging Program Voice Mail Setup Program By changing a program, you change the way the feature associated with that program works. In this section, you find out about each program, the features that the program affects and how to enter the program data into system memory. Caution Do not start customizing your system without first reading Software Manual.

When you want to customize a feature, find it in Software Manual and learn about it. Software Manual will tell you what programs you have to change to get the operation you want. Then, look the program up in this section if you have any questions about how to enter the data.

For example, Program is at the beginning of the section and Program is at the end. The information on each program is subdivided into the following headings: Description describes what the program options control. The Default Settings for each program are also included. When you first install the system, it uses the Default Setting for all programs. Along with the Description are the Conditions which describe any limits or special considerations that may apply to the program.

The reverse type Black on white symbol shows on the page header is the programs access level. You can only use the program if your access level meets or exceeds the level the program requires. Refer to How to Enter the Programming Mode page 3 for a list of the systems access levels and passwords. Feature Cross Reference provides you with a table of all the features affected by the program. Youll want to keep the referenced features in mind when you change a program.

Customizing a feature may have an effect on another feature that you didnt intend. Telephone Programming Instructions shows you how to enter the programs data into system memory. For example: Enter the programming mode. After you do, youll see the message TEL on the first line of the telephone display. This indicates the program number , item number 01 , and that the options are being set for extension To learn how to enter the programming mode, see How to Enter the Programming Mode page 3.

With telephone programming, two people can program simultaneously. Using the PC Program, only one person is allowed in programming. If the same program number is being defined simultaneously, the last changes made to the program will be accepted. To enter the programming mode: Go to any working display telephone. In a newly installed system, use extension port 1. Do not lift the handset. Press SPK. Refer to the following table for the default system passwords.

To change the passwords, use Program Caution It is NOT recommended to change these data unnecessarily. The worst case may happen is that there is no normal way to go into program mode again, if the digits entered is forgotten, then. Level 2 IN 3 SA Program at this Level All programs in this Manual not listed below for SA and SB ,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,, , ,, Password 4 SB How to Exit the Programming Mode To exit the programming mode: When you are done programming, you must be out of a programs options to exit pressing the DC key will exit the programs option.

Press DC key to exit the programs options, if needed. Program Mode 2. You see, “SavingSystemData” if changes to were to the systems programming. The display shows “CompleteDataSave” when completed and will exit the phone to an idle mode. To save a customers database, a blank Compact Flash Memory Card is required. Program is used to reload the customer data if necessary. Note that a Compact Flash Memory Card can only hold one customer database. Each database to be saved will require its own separate card.

Program Mode.

Program 10 : System Configuration Setup

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