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Maschine has completely replaced Ableton Live as a production tool for me. Maschine in many ways is an improved, more hands-on Session View imo. Here’s a big one: You can’t record real-time automation as in record your knob tweaks in Live’s Session View. Maschine has the huge advantage of being able to record automation of almost everything as you turn the knobs in real-time.
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Read on to discover which product is best for you. Hardware Both Push 2 and Maschine Mk3 have similar desktop footprints. Push is around two inches wider, so is the larger of the two overall. Build quality is similarly high on both controllers, too.

VIDEO: Can Maschine compete with Ableton Live 10? (Video!) | NI Community Forum

We team up with Point Blank Music School for a massive producer giveway!. Maschine vs Push 2 – what sets them apart? Native Instruments Maschine mk3 on the other hand, is a controller designed to work with it’s. One thing to remember – if you ever start work in another DAW all of the Ableton sounds will no longer be accessible to you. So all those.

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