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Download Technological advances have put high definition video at the reach of many video fans, but not all non-professional video editors support the AVCHD and HD file formats that are used by many video cameras. Its main advantage lies in the way it works, to the extent that it’s virtually impossible to find another video edition application that is as simple to use. The application includes a single window divided into parts. In one we add the videos and images that we want to join, in another we choose the visual styles, in the following the audio file we want to hear and in the window in the middle of the screen we can play the resulting file almost instantly. It has other editing possibilities like adding titles, credits and even our own voice, but its simplicity is unique if we prefer not to have too many options.
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Make muvees automagically with muvee Reveal Encore ! Movie making software made easy! Turn your photos and videos into entertaining movies.

Easy user interface with professional effects, transitions, and hand-selected music already integrated into amazing Styles. New feature: Segment your muvee to highlight different Chapters in your story. Includes Style customization, photo enhancements, Cinematic Trailers, Text animation, Intertitles, and even music trimming.

Highlight video clips with magicMoments. Zoom in on photos with magicSpot. Collaborative saving and editing for multiple creators. Capture photos and videos from multiple devices. Photo Enhancer; will bring out the best of your pictures. Use its eleven different presets to fix dark pictures, remove eye bags, blemishes and much more. Slideshow Maker; go from pictures to stunning video montages in seconds, it comes with twenty style templates designed by our Wedding video artists.

DIY and achieve professional results!! Video sells. Let your fans, followers, customers and potential clients know about your products and services through entertaining videos. Award-winning muvee Reveal automatic editing tools. Over 40 styles and 2, music tracks to showcase any business with full commercial license. Brand your videos instantly with logos, message overlays, and text animations.

Ultimate promotional and marketing tool for your business! Simply upload to your company website or social media sites for endless sharing.

Download muvee Reveal Encore Business Simply drag your Samsung Gear videos, Trim and Share from your Mac Simple drag and drop interface Application will figure out which videos are supported and how to preview them. Various viewing modes Sit back and enjoy the panoramic mode where your will pan automatically, or simply gesture your fingers across the mousepad to focus on various viewpoints. Trim instantly Quick and easy trimming. Just set start and end points. Zero quality loss. One-click upload to Facebook and YouTube Packages videos with metadata essential for proper playback when sharing on Facebook and YouTube.

Life does not stand still. Why should you? Stabilizes all 6 motions found in hand held videos, and supports all popular HD camcorder formats. Smoothes irregular pan or zoom shots. Measure 6 degrees of motion on 3 axes. Powerful rolling shutter fix algorithm to correct CMOS sensor video artifacts. Video rotate ensures video shot upside down or vertical can be corrected. Cut multiple clips in a snap and post directly to Facebook and YouTube. Also supports the Sony Action Cam.

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muvee Reveal Encore 2018 v13.0 Overview

View Screenshots muvee Reveal lets you create and share personalized, professional looking home movies in a few quick steps. With automatic motion and face detection, your photos and video are synced to the beat of your favorite music. Tell your story the way you want to through advanced personalization features including captions, voiceover and music trimming. Home movie making has never been so easy. Many video software programs are complicated and take a long time to learn, muvee Reveal is different. In most video software you have to go through a steep learning curve to learn the software and then spend a great deal of time working on timelines, tweaking effects and using sync markers just to make a short home video. Constructed after years of working with and consulting professional video editors using manual video software tools.

VIDEO: Download Muvee Reveal Build (x64 & x32)

Now that you are familiar with this powerful software, it’s time to download the latest version of Muvee Reveal Encore With Product Key from. Capture photos and videos from multiple devices. Full HD user interface with professional effects, transitions, and hand-selected music already. Key Features. muvee Reveal is a complete mounting software. It has features allowing you to split your video into several parts; it might as well.

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