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My name is Adrian Try. The trial version of the program is quite limited, so I thoroughly tested the full, licensed version. The content in the quick summary box above serves as a short version of my findings and conclusions.
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iMobie MacClean Review

My name is Adrian Try. The trial version of the program is quite limited, so I thoroughly tested the full, licensed version. The content in the quick summary box above serves as a short version of my findings and conclusions. Read on for the details! What Is MacClean? Not on the outside, but on the inside — the software. The main benefit of the app is that it will recover valuable disk space that is currently being used by unnecessary files.

It will also deal with a few issues that may compromise your privacy. Here are its main benefits: It will free up space occupied by unneeded files. It will clean up information from apps and the internet that may compromise your privacy. It will clean up malware to keep you and your computer safe. It will clean up files that may negatively impact the performance of your Mac.

Is MacClean Safe to Use? Yes, it is safe to use. A scan found no viruses or malicious code. During use the app crashed a few times.

While frustrating, the crashes did not harm my computer. Before you register and pay for the software, the free evaluation version is quite limited — it can scan for files, but not remove them.

At least you get an idea of how much space the app will save you. To purchase the software, click on Register Software and choose one of the following three options: It will remove many unnecessary files from your hard drive that are taking up space for no good reason, including cache files, log files, and files left by applications you dragged to the trash.

Scanning for these files is quite fast — less than two minutes on my computer. And it found almost 15GB of useless files just taking up space. Of that, 10GB was left by apps I deleted. My personal take: Giving myself an additional 15GB of storage space was fast, and is definitely worthwhile.

Less than a week later I ran the scan again, and cleaned another MB. Deleting saved internet information and history logs can help, especially if others have physical access to your computer. On my computer, the scan took less than a minute to find 1. You may find it preferable not to delete them. Click on Review Details and unselect cookies. Instead, use the Malicious Cookie scan see below to make sure nothing dangerous is hiding there.

The Privacy Issue cleanup will scan your computer for logs on recent file usage, recent app documents, and app private histories. Malicious cookies track your activity online — often for targeted advertising — and compromise your privacy. MacClean can remove them. The scan for these cookies is quite fast, and running it about once a week will keep the tracking to a minimum. Fortunately it found no issues. Unfortunately I found the tool badly designed.

The app looks for any file larger than 10MB of any age, sorted by name. From there you can narrow down the search results by specifying additional criteria. Here are some huge old files MacClean failed to find on my Mac: A few old AVI videos of my son that I took years ago. A huge 9GB Evernote export. Some large uncompressed songs in WAV format. How did I know those large files are on my hard drive when MacClean failed to find them? I just opened Finder, clicked on All My Files, and sorted by size.

The full path of the files is shown, which is too long to see the file name. Many language files are stored on your computer so that macOS and your apps can switch language when required. MacClean crashed on me several times when performing a language clean. I persevered and contacted support , and eventually completed the clean successfully.

When you uninstall an app by dragging it to the trash, you may be leaving files behind. I learned that when I uninstalled Evernote, it left 10GB of data on my hard drive! Duplicate files are usually just a waste of space. They can appear for a variety of reasons, including syncing problems. MacClean found a lot of duplicate files and photos on my drive.

The scan took just over five minutes. Unfortunately the first time I ran the scan MacClean crashed and restarted my computer. The smart select feature will decide which versions to clean—use this options with care! Alternatively, you can select which duplicates to delete, but it might take quite a lot of time. Many of these cleanup tools feel like they have been tacked on to the app because it was a good idea.

They are not up to the same quality as the features I reviewed earlier. However, if you are already using MacClean, they do offer some additional value. Extension Manager lets you remove any extensions, plugins and add-ons. MacClean found a bunch of Chrome plugins on my computer. Some I installed years ago and no longer use.

That was a little frustrating. You may have dozens of backup files taking up quite a lot of space on your drive. In my case, I was able to clean up a huge 18GB of unneeded backups from my drive. Some apps contain multiple versions of themselves, for example, one for bit operating systems and another for bit.

You only need one of these, and deleting the unneeded version will free up space. Binary Junk Remover will do just that. The Trash Sweeper completely empties your trash securely. The Optimization Tools are not as polished as the features we reviewed earlier, but they do offer some value if you are already using MacClean as part of your maintenance routine. Ease of Use: Unfortunately those additional tools are not up to the same standard of the rest of the app, and I found them a little fiddly and frustrating.

When you need to contact support, you can send an email or submit a request on their website. They do not offer support via phone or chat. I submitted a support request after the app crashed several times when trying to clean up language files.

I received a response in just two hours, which is impressive. Alternatives to MacClean There are many tools available for cleaning up your Mac files and freeing up disk space. Here are a few alternatives: MacPaw CleanMyMac: You can read our CleanMyMac review. Piriform CCleaner: A very popular app that started on Windows. Cleaner Pro: Another free alternative that will quickly free up space on your hard drive and guard your privacy.

Conclusion iMobie MacClean is a pretty good app for freeing up hard disk space on your Mac. It does this by running a series of scans to remove unnecessary system files and saved internet rubbish.

It can also scan for malware and addresses a number of minor privacy issues. I was able to free up 35GB on my Mac, which is significant. That makes it a contender for those who want to free up hard drive space while holding on to some cash. Is it for you? Not everyone needs a Mac cleanup app.

What Is MacClean?

MacClean Update Get Started Learn the introduction, basics and settings to facilitate your routine use. Please refer to the detailed guide to make good use of MacClean. Introduction MacClean is a cleverly and creatively designed cleaning app, which brings great news for millions of Mac users to clean, optimize and protect their Macs. With few clicks, you can clean all junks generated by system and browsers. With versatile tools, you can manage files, extensions and apps as you want to free up space and get Mac optimized. It also brings in new features to detect and remove malicious cookies, potential risks safely to protect your Mac from possible privacy leak and data loss.

VIDEO: MacClean Online Guide – Get Started

MacClean, free software for Mac cleans up all the unnecessary junk files, cache, cookies efficiently on Mac in the easiest possible manner. You won’t find any information about purchasing MacClean on the iMobie website, just an invitation to. If you are looking to ‘optimize’ both your Mac and the MacClean license price, then choosing the Family license pack is the best option available. This way, the .

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