Convert media files like a geek: a guide to video transcoding with Avconv

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More codec support is on the way. We will be extending codec support based on the feedback we receive. We are also aware that certain codecs such as MPEG-2 and DV25 can have variations, so if anyone has issues with certain files, please send us a small sample to www.
lightworks compatible video formats

Lightworks Supported File Formats – Import Unsupported Media to Lightworks

MP4 -qscale: OGG If that looks a bit confusing, let me explain. Avconv is called at the beginning. Next are the input commands followed by -i and path to the input file. Then we have the output options a simple video quality setting in the example and the output file to be created. Essential Avconv parameters Video quality: Set the video quality of the output file with -qscale: Set the output framerate with -r.

To set the output framerate to 30 fps frames per second you would put -r 30 in the outfile options section. Video and Audio codecs: Tell avconv what codecs to use with -c: For example, -c: Useful Avconv Conversion Snippets Here are some handy Avconv snippets for the common media conversions: Avconv will then convert the video into a sequence of PNGs.

For example, if you shot a performance by your favourite band, but they were having difficulties getting their act together and started late, which meant your video clip had a long section of frazzled musicians plugging in wires and testing their mics rather than actually playing music, you might want to trim off that beginning part of the clip and get straight to the action. After -ss you put the time in hours: For example: Make sure you include the file extension of the target clip otherwise the command will not work.

AVI -ss This is useful for converting a whole folder of video files to some specific output format. You can do this with the following snippet: After you enter the command, the recording will start automatically as a process running from the terminal, in order to stop it, hit Ctrl C inside the terminal window.

One of our code-savvy readers has written a little bash script in order to use this screencast snippet via a custom keyboard shortcut. Step 1: Step 3: Double click the shortcut and assign a keybinding I used Ctrl.

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The software has advanced color correction with keyframes and visual effect routing. Its intuitive workflow and project management controls provide a powerful, productive workflow. If you are new to the video editing world then the free license version of Lightworks can help you to do miracles. But people always have troubles in importing DVD to Lightworks. DVD to Lightworks?

VIDEO: Convert media files like a geek: an Avconv / FFMpeg tutorial — The Autodidacts

List of supported codecs. Import Quicktime DV / DVCAM Quicktime DVCPRO Quicktime DVCPRO Quicktime DVCPRO HD Quicktime H Lightworks is an award winning, professional, freemium editor. Your browser does not currently recognize any of the video formats available. There are some errors that can happen when importing video clips. The screenshot above shows the error in the video editing program Lightworks. Problem: Video file format is not supported by the software Solution.

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