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I bought a notebook with a pre-installed Kaspersky Lab product. I have a license for 2 PCs for 1 year. When will my license expire if I activate a second application copy a month later after first activation?
kaspersky internet security 2013 full license key

Activate Free Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2013 ROG with 1 Year License

I bought a notebook with a pre-installed Kaspersky Lab product. I have a license for 2 PCs for 1 year. When will my license expire if I activate a second application copy a month later after first activation? The two licenses will expire at the same time. Even if you do not activate another application copy, the license will be limited to the period starting from the date of the first activation. You can read a detailed description in the 3. Can I use it for a period of two years on 1 computer?

No, you cannot. I have a valid activation code for Kaspersky Internet Security Can I activate Kaspersky Internet Security using the activation code? For example, if you have an activation code for a product of version, using the code you can activate the product of version or any of three next versions , , and During license renewal, a new activation code will be assigned to a current product version. In this case, the installed application will not be automatically updated to the newest version.

For example, if you have a product with version and you renew your license, your new license will be for the product version Download the product update from the Kaspersky Lab website: I do not have an Internet connection. How do I activate the application? How do I receive a key file? New malware emerge daily, so it is important to update your security application regularly to keep your personal data constantly protected.

System requirements for Kaspersky Lab products state that they need an Internet connection in order to allow the application to work properly. A Kaspersky Lab product activation using a key file will be impossible with the version as this version will not be compatible with key files at all and Technical Support will not be able to send any since they will no longer exist.

During activation the application asks me to enter my previous activation code. I do not have the code! What should I do? If the installed application does not identify your previous license on your computer, a window asking to enter your previous activation code will appear.

The renewal validation procedure is described in the 3. License renewal can be purchased with a discount. To validate that you purchased a commercial product version in the past, you must specify the activation code for the purchased product version. If you purchased a license renewal instead of a commercial version by mistake, the license will be active for a paid time period that is about 8 months.

Only ex-USSR countries are affected. The license renewal process ends with an error stating that the activation code has been used for renewal. The error appears if your activation code has already been used to purchase a license renewal. The error may appear in the following situations: My friend did not want to use the product this year and purchased another product with a discount. I renewed the license to get two licenses for 2PCs. One license has been activated with no problems.

During activation of the second license an error appears. In some cases, such activation problems may appear if the product was installed and activated with an unknown license by computer technicians. I use a license for 2 PCs.

Will my license be valid for a full license period or during the remaining days if I purchase a license renewal? The license will be valid for a full validity period, because: The activation code can be used to validate the license on any computer. I cannot activate the application in Russia. If you want to purchase a box product version, we recommend you follow this rule: These license limitations are described in the 3. If you purchased the product in Africa, the following information is presented on the purchased box: In this case, Kaspersky Lab informed you about region license limitations.

If you want to purchase a license to activate the application in your region, we recommend you use our eStore: Licenses purchased via our online shop are not limited by regional use. Such license limitations are applied to activation only. After activation you can travel and use the application with no limitations during a full license validity period wherever you want.

I bought my notebook with the pre-installed product. If you purchase a computer with a pre-installed Kaspersky Lab product, the seller must provide a documents package, including the purchased license and receipt.

If you do not have the documents package, contact the seller to get all required documents. Most likely, the seller activated the license on a great number of computers and, as a result, the license will be blocked. Kaspersky Lab specialists monitor activation regions and tries.

If a license is pirated, the activation code will be blocked. In this case, the user needs to prove the product purchase.

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