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This is a debate that never seems to end. Either way, we have noticed a theme over the last few years when it comes to the never ending SketchUp vs AutoCAD debate, and it usually ends with the opinion that SketchUp is sub-standard in comparison to AutoCAD, when creating technical floor plans. We have personally used AutoCAD in the past for the creation of technical drawings, and therefore we have limited knowledge of what it is capable of. We acknowledge that AutoCAD produces high quality, professional standard, technical drawings.
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SketchUp Make vs. SketchUp Pro Comparison – The SketchUp Essentials #47

Easy to learn and use Has both a free version and a low-cost professional version Lots of community resources Free edition is very limited Not adept at all types of 3D modeling Features of Sketchup Huge collection of models in its 3D Warehouse Can be used for animation and 3D printing in addition to standard renderings Professional version comes with technical support Sketchup Reviews by grex about Sketchup on March 2, SketchUp has long been a popular program for designing all sorts of architecture, and with good reason.

It is very easy to use. Even someone with limited or no experience in 3D modeling can jump right in and use it with little effort. It can also be quite fun to use. While SketchUp has had a free edition for some time, it has become quite limited. It is now cloud based and runs in a web browser. Users only get 10 MB of storage and they cannot use the program for commercial uses.

The free edition also has very few options for importing and exporting of models. SketchUp Pro is a standalone application that can be used for commercial purposes and comes with technical support. Among its many features are importing and exporting to a wide range of formats, and an advance layout tool.

SketchUp Pro further has a free trial and students can purchase it at a discount. Both versions of SketchUp provide access to the 3D Warehouse, a huge collection of premade models, some of which are fantastic. But sometimes there are too many models to choose from, and the quality of them isn’t always consistent. I have been using sketchup since college and have always loved the ease of your product.

My career has brought me back around to a point where rending is a necessity and I couldn’t have been happier. Until I realized this once beautiful program who was my constant companion a few years ago has reached such a level of corruption. Beyond basic uses for your free program which was always offering more, and to purchase your full program is pretty disgusting.

For shame sketchup, for shame. Feel free to submit your own opinion on Sketchup! Share your opinion on Sketchup Name Email will not be published Rating.

SketchUp vs Blender

Image 9 of 10 Image 10 of 10 SketchUp Pro’s forte is how simple it is to use. Large icons and customizable toolbars make it easy for CAD beginners without taking away the powerful tools professionals need. Despite its lack of a house wizard, a tool that walks you through the process of designing a house, this software makes it easy to create designs of all kinds. SketchUp Pro excels in designing and editing 2D and 3D concepts. However, though its overall feature package is quite impressive, we would have liked to have seen more architectural tools.

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But by not purchasing the SketchUp Pro subscription bundle, you will not the subscription isn’t worth it from a value perspective, and also feel. Filter reviews by the users’ company size, role or industry to find out how SketchUp The Sketchup Pro gallery is great and I can download thousands of. Using SketchUp Pro, you can create 3D models, either by starting from scratch or by using existing data. Import drawings, CAD plans, photos, aerial imagery and.

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