Buffer overflow exploit can bypass Activation Lock on iPads running iOS 10.1.1

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Where is my UDiD?

Follow these simple steps to find your devices UDiD! What is a UDiD? For example: Just tap on this link from your iDevice! Select the Summary tab and click on the word “Serial”.

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Once submitted it is non-editable and that slot is then permanently taken — this is the way Apple’s registration works. When purchasing membership you are agreeing to the above terms.. Some banks and credit or debit card issuers may charge you an international processing fee. This international service fee is controlled and charged by your bank, or card issuer not by RegMyUDiD. Use AppAddict Tools responsibly only to distribute your own apps, or apps for which you have a copyright license to reproduce and distribute.

You are paying for enrolment into the RegMyUDiD developer program and our provision of membership services. Upon registration you are agreeing to become a member of our development team. We actively develop iOS apps and will call upon you from time to time to test and provide feedback for our new applications or applications of our partners, in their beta stage. Once the UDiD is registered the cost is non-refundable in any circumstances unless caused by an error on our behalf but as we only process the submitted UDiD numbers this is very unlikely.

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There is also times of exceptional loads and outages from Apples servers around product and beta launches. If your UDID is showing to take more than 24 hours to register – please create a support ticket at our helpdesk. With our service the risk is that Apple can revoke developer accounts at any time during the 12 months service. When this happens all apps that you have installed using our service will stop working on your device they will open and then force close.

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But the exploit relies on tricks that aren’t possible on iPhones.

This makes stolen iDevices less valuable since they become more difficult to resell, and it has significantly reduced iPhone theft in major cities. When you’re setting up a freshly reset iPad with Activation Lock enabled, the first step is to hit “Choose Another Network” when you’re asked to connect to Wi-Fi. Select a security type, and then input a very, very long string of characters into both the network name and network password fields copying and pasting your increasingly long strings of characters can speed this up a bit. These fields were not intended to process overlong strings of characters, and the iPad will gradually slow down and then freeze as the strings become longer. During one of these freezes, rotate the tablet, close its Smart Cover for a moment, and then re-open the cover. The screen will glitch out for a moment before displaying the Home screen for a split second, at which point a well-timed press of the Home button can apparently bypass Activation Lock entirely but it will have to be extremely well-timed, since the first-time setup screen will pop back up after a second.

VIDEO: Buffer overflow exploit can bypass Activation Lock on iPads running iOS | Ars Technica

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