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IObit Uninstaller Pro 5. This tool easily removes the programs in two stages. While in the second stage performs additional, in-depth scan the entire hard disk by searching for additional entries and keys in the system registry.
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IObit Uninstaller Pro 8. If your hard disk space is full and you need space to install softwares that are important for your work then you need to first uninstall un necessary files which are doing nothing but just consuming space. There are number of uninstaller program available in market which can uninstall files but few are trustworthy. This software can even uninstall those programs which do not allow to.

It can uninstall any type of file even if it is large or hard to uninstall. It will take just few minutes to completely uninstall programs that are not being used or not necessary. Sometimes files got installed without your permission and stick with your hard disk, but this software will uninstall those program also. This software scans your operating system to check which program is necessary to use and which one is doing nothing but just consuming space.

If you have downloaded this software then there will be no trace of uninstalled programs in your operating system. You can reinstall that program anytime you want using backup of uninstalled programs.

Either choose only uninstalling specific programs or default uninstaller. If you choose File shredding option them this software will keep only programs that are necessary and eliminate all un necessary files from your operating system.

It will completely scan your system to check all installed programs and filtered them within just few minutes.

After uninstalling it scans again for the leftovers, if there is any it will immediately remove that. It categorized all the installed software by giving them priority which one is most necessary and running in operating system. It has uninstallation process just like a default windows do.

It can easily uninstall programs which are hard to uninstall. If there are these type of programs present which do not allow to uninstall them then there is an option of Force Uninstall given in this tool which forcefully uninstall programs. It has feature to remove all un necessary programs by uninstalling them to free up disk space so you can keep necessary files in it.

It scans your whole computer to find suspicious and corrupted installed files within few minutes to get rid of them. It can remove the traces of uninstalled applications by using advanced features, No un necessary software will be present anymore. Whenever you install a new program it monitors it first to check if there is any un necessary application is being installed with it or not.

This software has features to uninstall them also. It prevents any popups to slow down your speed by installing apps itself. Sometimes when an antivirus remove viruses hen some of their traces remain hidden, but this software has tools which can find those sticky traces to remove them completely. Sometimes when you uninstall a program then suddenly your PC reboots, due to reboot your uninstallation stops in middle but this software will continue that to uninstall from your operating system to free up the space.

Before uninstalling a program it keeps their backup in safer place so you can use them later. Algorithm has been improved as compared to older versions. It can recognize windows applications and many new tools had been added in Microsoft store.

Software updater has been improved, now it can update program in accurate and less time. Incorrect detection has been fixed by optimized bundleware which can help you to detect correctly. There were some known bugs present in older versions that has been fixed now. It gives quick installation and uninstallation. Before uninstalling any program it creates backup first, so you can restore that later. It also supports batch uninstalls which are hardly supported by other softwares.

It completely scans your all programs, extensions and plugins to find un necessary files. Some updates start to install automatically which are even not necessary, it prevents that to happen. It gives you a complete list of useful programs which needs to be update into new version. After creating list it will export it into a text file so you can thoroughly examine all programs. It also allows you to drag or drop any program you want to uninstall.

It also has a portable version. It keeps limited programs which needs to be present in operating system. There is no option for an entry of removed program from the list. After uninstalling a program sometimes it show advertisement which can create anxiety. When you try to install a program there is a chance it might ask for that to be installed.

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Rate this software: So it is necessary to get device drivers regularly updated and always function properly. Smooth Game Performance Sluggish game performance makes you frustrated? It easily keeps graphics drivers and Game Ready drivers updated to get best performance of hardware and take gaming to the next level. It also quickly shuts down background processes and unnecessary Windows Service to unlock the full potential of your PC game. Game components for most PC games are also available to help launch your game successfully. It also creates a restore point before installing a driver in the event something goes wrong with the installation.

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