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It also keeps external threats from breaking into your computer in real time. Protected Personal Data Living in this information age, your personal data need to be well protected to avoid privacy breach. Our new Advanced SystemCare Ultimate 12 makes your sensitive data like contacts, local email data beyond the reach of untrusted programs and keeps your online behavior private by disguising your digital fingerprint and clearing online trace.
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IObit Software Updater 2

Please click here to view the detailed registration steps. The version upgrade is free of charge. Please click here to check the detailed registration steps. Why do I get “Invalid license code! Please enter a valid license code” error?

The reasons might be: Please make sure you use the right license code to register the correct program. Or please contact Online Support for help. Why do I get “The license xxx has been activated for maximum PCs and cannot be used” error? Please visit page to reset your license code and get the installation instruction. Or you can contact Online Support to help you. It cannot be re-registered after being registered on maximum computers.

Please click here to purchase a new license. If you get other messages or need any help, please contact Online Support. Should I pay extra fee if I transfer my license code from current computer to another one? Or you can contact Online Support by choosing another Request Type to help you.

If I reinstall IObit products after formatting, reinstalling, upgrading my computer, or replacing HD, can I use the license code again? Please click here to go to the purchasing page.

Please enter your valid Advanced SystemCare PRO license code at the bottom left box on that page and then click Update Cart button to enjoy your exclusive discount. How to uninstall IObit products? Please follow the steps below to uninstall IObit products.

Windows Windows 8. Windows 7 and Windows Vista: Windows XP: Pre-sale information Is it safe to purchase product via your website? Yes, your order will be processed through our official partner “2Checkout” or “asknet” which ensures that your transaction will be secured by bit SSL encryption.

All your information is kept privately and securely. We guarantee the safety and protection of your personal information. How long is the valid service time of the license code? And the service time starts from the date the license code is purchased.

The service time of MacBooster license code is lifetime. You can click here to resend your license code, get installation instruction and other detailed information. Encounter online payment related issues when place the order? If you encounter online payment related issues, please contact them directly at the email address below: What kind of payment do you accept? Please choose the appropriate payment option to finish your order. What is your refund policy?

To ensure that all customers have enough time to evaluate whether the purchased product and service meet their needs, IObit provides a day Money Back Guarantee. Please see the details of our refund policy here. Yes, please like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter. Why do I get error message “Delete File Failed: Code 5. Access is denied”?

This is because some program related processes are still running in the background when you reinstall an IObit program. Please right click on the program icon in system tray and then select Exit.

Open your Task Manager and close all this program related processes running in the background. Then, reboot your computer to reinstall the program. What is your shipping policy? Please see the details of our shipping policy here After-sale information If I reinstall IObit products after formatting, reinstalling, upgrading my computer, replacing HD, can I use the license code again?

Pleases enter a valid license code” error? Why didn’t I receive the license code? Please try to resend your license code through here If you still do not receive it, the reasons might be: Due to your email settings, the email containing license code may go to your Spam folder directly. Please check it there. You provided an invalid email address when you ordered the software.

Your email service provider rejects emails from unknown senders. Your order is unfinished Please reach us through our Online Support and we will help you find the order. I lost my license code. Can you help me? If you purchase through 2Checkout or asknet, you can easily find your license code back here. Or please provide us with your order reference or registered email address through our Online Support so that we can help you find it.

Why is the downloaded file corrupted? This problem is due to an uncompleted download of the program. It could be caused by the Internet speed or the download tools. To solve this issue, please kindly apply the following instructions: Delete the corrupted file and clean your browser’s cache. Restart the browser. Re-download the setup file again. Should I uninstall the old version of IObit software in order to install the new version?

You do not need to uninstall the older version before installing the new one. A new version can be installed over the top of the previous one. However, if you want to uninstall the previous version, please go through the steps below: When you are prompted to confirm the removal of the program, click Yes to finish the removal process.

Do I need to register to get the PRO version? Yes, you need to manually register the program with the license code you purchased. The license code can be found in the email you received after you purchased the program. How can I get the invoice of my order? If your order is processed through 2Checkout: Please login to myAccount on 2Checkout with the email address that you used to order. Under myAccount tab, you will see Invoice BV link for each order. You can click the link to download the Invoice.

If your order is processed through asknet: Please click here to log in with the email address that you used to order, and please find the password in the order confirmation email. Then click the Show orders button to find the order and download the invoice Note: Invoice is not available instantly, it may take up to 24 hours to be generated after the order is finished. How to update my credit card information and postal address?

And then follow the steps below to update the information: Update credit card information: Under Payment Methods tab, click Update card button to update your credit card expiration date and click Add a new card to fill in your new credit card information to set it up for future billings.

Update postal address: Under Personal Information tab, you can view and edit your address for future use. Please click here to log in with the email address that you used to order, and find the password in the order confirmation email. Then click the Edit details button to update the related information. Renewal information How to disable the auto-renewal feature of my order?

Or please contact our Online Support. How do I renew my license code? We always provide renewal discount to our customers. Customers can renew their license code here.

Refund Request

IObit Tech Support: IObit provides its consumers with superior PC performance and security with the help of innovative system utilities and security software. It has millions of customers around the world. It has got more than awards for its security and utility software. With more than million downloads worldwide, IObit has become the industry leader in the field of PC optimization and Security Software. Because of these huge numbers of customers, IObit s need a very powerful Technical Support Customer Service, which full-fill all the requirements of IObit customers.

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Please visit page to reset your license code and get the installation instruction. Or you can contact Online Support by choosing another Request Type to help you. Contact Avangate Support at or asknet Support at Order(s), Payments, Delivery of Product(s), and Other Related Customer Support. Welcome to IObit Support Center. Renew your License code with up to 83% discount. For IObit regular customers, you can enjoy this EXCLUSIVE price to renew.

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