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What’s new in HWMonitor 1. Read the full changelog From the makers of CPU-Z comes HWMonitor, a very small and simple-to-use system monitoring tool whose job is to keep track of the most important sensors on your computer and find out live readings for HDD temperature and fan speed. It features data exporting options. Hassle-free installation and clear-cut interface Setting up HWMonitor is a fast and easy task, since it does not require special configuration. It is packed in a normal window with a straightforward layout and automatically starts monitoring the sensors at startup, listing all components in a hierarchical view to spot them easier.
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Review by Jerome Johnston on 16 Oct, Overheating can be considered one of the major issues of today’s computers and laptops. That’s because CPUs and graphic cards are becoming more and more advanced and this produces a lot of heat. It’s important to keep your computer cool enough so that the components will run safe and for a longer period of time. Overheating can shorten the life of your system components and can also cause data loss.

It’s not enough to get an efficient cooling solution for your system, it’s also important to monitor the temperature and cooling characteristics, in order to know how efficient a cooler is. A program which can help you in this situation is HWMonitor Pro. This Windows application allows you to view real-time information regarding your CPU, GPU and hard disk temperature, but also the processor voltage, fan speed and other similar information.

The application can be easily installed, as the setup process is intuitive. After installing and launching HWMonitor Pro, it will automatically analyze the installed system sensors and it will quickly display real-time data gathered from them. For each monitored component, HWMonitor Pro can display the current value, but also the minimum and maximum one, allowing the user to see the highest temperature or voltage level that can be achieved.

Using the drop-down menu, the user can configure the application to display different values in the system tray, allowing him to view the current temperature or fan speed without having to maximize the program’s window. What’s more, the application can connect remotely to a network computer and display real-time information about its sensors. This is useful for network administrators, who would like to keep a close eye on their network and prevent any possible malfunctions.

A log can be recorded at any time, allowing the user to view sensor data over time and create reports and statistics. It offers complete information regarding the temperature of the components, but also CPU voltages, fan speeds and so on.

Besides that, it can display the maximum value for each sensor. Furthermore, it allows recording log files and displaying reports or statistics. What’s more, it can connect remotely to any network computer and display sensor information about them in real-time. Connecting to remote computers can be challenging for first-time computer users. HWMonitor Pro allows you to easily monitor the state and health of your computer, by obtaining real-time information from the temperature sensors.

You can download HWMonitor Pro free here. About the author: He has graduated from the Computer Science Faculty and he learned a lot about programming and Information Technology.

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With this information, you can ensure that your machine is not in danger of overheating or any other type of mechanical failure. Pros Straightforward presentation: All of the data that this program records is presented in one clear chart. And in addition to the current readings for all of your systems, you can also see the recommended maximums and minimums for each category to give you a frame of reference. Real-time updates: This program updates all of the data readings it displays in real time. That means you can just glance over now and then to see how your computer’s doing rather than having to switch over to the program and refresh the feed.

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HWMonitor Portable, free and safe download. HWMonitor Portable latest version: Real-time control of voltages and temperatures, from a USB drive. HWMonitor. CPUID HWMonitor is a hardware monitoring program that reads PC systems main health sensors: CPUID HWMonitor Free Download 9/10 – Download HWMonitor Free. HWMonitor is a program to help us monitor aspects such as the voltage, temperature, cooling system or speed of the.

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