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I installed Firefox, but there is no way at all, to make it the default browser. There is something off with Windows Firefox does not show up in the default browsers.
how to authorize ableton live 9

Authorizing Live Offline

Eirik Kamelku Apr 03 5: I’m running Max 7 through my authorized Ableton Live, opening it through the “Max device editor” button in the Max for Live devices, but lately I’ve been getting the “trial not started – saving disabled” message. This is strange, as it has worked fine before. I’ve tried reinstalling and updating Max, and reauthorizing Ableton, but to no avail. Might there be something I’ve overlooked?

Windows 10 user. Apr 03 Tried updating Ableton from 9. Tried downdating Max to an earlier version, didn’t help. Tried running bit Max, didn’t work at all. Very annoying to have to deal with this. On the ableton forums is quite a bit of discussion about this but I couldn’t find any statement of cycling or ableton. Please resolve this, I am unable to use Max4Live at the moment and I am not alone it seems.

Thats sad, especially since I find the max toolbox much more intuitive than the max7 patching mechanics. Im a long time max user, this program really tought me a lot and I really like max. I even teach it at a university.

This licencing stuff is the first time I feel really unnecessarily frustrated. Aug 04 Well yes. But with max 6 I was pretty happy actually. I had a dongle and for me that was a great solution although of course dongles may not be the solution for the bigger picture The max tool box seems to be only part of the problem. I deactivated or uninstalled, cant remember it. I read somewhere that these issues might be related to externals and this was the only thing I had installed.

Also, deactivating it seemed to help for some time. I havent tested this a lot and cannot say the following happens every time the same way but at the moment the situation looks to me like this: I now suspect internet connection.

My production PC is typically not connected to the internet I do everything internet related on a linux machine [yay linux, make max for linux] So I start my machine, start live, make a new device and it says trial mode. I close out of max and Live. Activate the internet connection, start live again, make a new device, cross my fingers and am lucky most of the time. I say most of the time since with the toolbox activated, this internet connectivity thing did not seem to help.

Also I am not sure if it helps now every time. I somewhere read that max needs to connect to the cycling licensing servers once in a while, thats why I came to that idea in the first place. While i find this necessity extremely bad i can’t emphasize this enough , I could live with this being the case every two months or so and I think thats the way it is intended Anyway, these are just assumptions, maybe it helps someone out there, maybe it helps cycling to figure out the problem.

Jan Aug 05 If your main machine has no internet connection maybe you want to ask suport if they can still put you on an iLok dongle. That sounds interesting! I didnt buy Max 7 itself though, so I don’t think thats an option I wrote an email to support yesterday. I guess if I had a full max license, this problem would disappear anyway.

Because I think this is all related to the fact that every long time max and max4live user at some point found out that you can make normal max patches using max 4 live and edit normal max patches using max 4 live.

And you can run them without live using the runtime. So basically when you have max 4 live you have max. My humble assumption is that the problems i am facing come from the attempt to control this loophole. But I don’t know. Aug 20 2: Please start the Max for Live editor by editing a device in Live ” But that is of course what I just did.

I believe that this is an intermittant problem. Any word on a fix on the way? I’m using Max 7. I have no idea if I have the “max toolbox”, it would seem like I probably don’t.

Unless its part of the standard installation, in which case it shouldn’t be a problem but of course, it probably is. My computer is always online. A while ago, I clicked on the “Saving Disabled” message and it told me to register at cycling ’74, so i did. After that, it started counting down the days of the trial period and now its back to the “Saving Disabled” message. I have more success than simply restarting ableton, rebooting and everything else I’ve tried getting it to work with this stupid process: Close out Ableton before quitting the max editor and then quit the max editor and then start the whole thing back up again.

When I open a max device for editing it will usually say something like “Recover Edits? Yes or No”. It doesn’t matter which you select, more often than not it opens back up normally. Jan 30 1: We bought your products and often can’t use them, that’s kind of a problem. Are you guys fixing this or do you prefer me buying the new versions of ableton and live?

As I said, I really like max, but I find it kind of unacceptable if the idea is that this will be fixed in a paid major update. Why is there no official response to this thread? I bought Ableton Live 9 Suite about a year ago. I have been using max 4 live devices for the past year with no problem. I just started creating my own devices in max a couple of days ago and I have been enjoying it immensely.

But now max is saying that i am on a trial version with 29 days remaining. I did tried everything they suggested, but still no progress Cory Metcalf Sep 06 7: Unauthorized Max is usually the result of launching Max before Live. This is not always the case, but it is definitely the most common reason. If you do so and authorize Max by starting a trial, you will see the trial banner in the Live context as well.

Once the trial expires, you will revert to the standard behavior where Live authorizes Max for use as the Max for Live editor. Sign in to reply.

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How to Install and Activate Ableton Live Lite Ableton Live Lite 10 Ableton Live Lite 10 is included with some of our products, please follow this guide if you are having any problems installing and activating it. Register your Focusrite product: Select your operating system and click the blue Download button. While that is downloading, create an Ableton account. Find the downloaded Ableton Live Lite 10 file in your ‘Downloads’ folder.

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I have recently bought Ableton Live, and I installed it as suggested, but: when I press on the “authorize with” button, it takes me to my account, but I just see a download for . Ableton Live 9 (or 10) Lite Vocoder. Ableton Live 9 Suite File. Ableton Live 9 Suite File. 36 Reads 0 Votes 1 Part Story. untedsetzhang By untedsetzhang. First, try to uninstall and reinstall the Live application – do a search on your computer for all Ableton and Live items and trash them, then restart.

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