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Originally released as a web-based application but soon adapted for PC use, Microsoft Project features specifically designed tools to help you work on various projects from scratch. It includes support for the stages of project planning, resource collection and development, budget setting and analysing, and project tracking. They form the backbone of the entire project and can either make or break the whole thing. What does this stage entail?
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Where Project Managers and Microsoft® Meet

With integrated planning tools it helps you organize and keep tab of your projects, including daily tasks and overall direction. The platform can be delivered online through Office with the Project Online Professional edition. You can try out Wrike for free here. Microsoft Project enables businesses to get started, manage project portfolio investments, and deliver successfully with the intended business value. Microsoft Project Professional gives businesses a powerful, visually enhanced way to efficiently manage a wide range of their projects and programs.

From meeting important deadlines, to choosing the right resources and empowering your office teams, Project Professional delivers new as well as intuitive experiences to plan, manage, and collaborate with various individuals, teams, and the enterprise. The software consists of three main modules: Project has built-in templates, standard scheduling tools and is accessible to desktop and mobile devices.

You also get project planning like Gantt charts and pulldown menus, which simplify the planning phase. On the other hand, the portfolio management module helps you model various scenarios to chart the best project path. It helps you prioritize tasks and projects base on urgency or other rules. The resource management module, meanwhile, gives you full visibility on your shared resources and teams can enter updates anywhere for real-time data.

The rate of idle resources are significantly reduced. Overview of Microsoft Project Benefits Arguably one of the best among the currently available project management tools, Microsoft Project is the tool for any company that is tired of trying to boost productivity with whiteboard scribblings, post-it notes, as well as scraps of paper.

The tool deals with complexity in a very simple manner. While the tool has an impressively huge range of capabilities, it is relatively easy for any user to get it to do exactly what he or she needs. Full visibility The software lends to you full visibility even if you are handling multiple projects.

It features familiar scheduling tools like Gantt charts and prepopulated pulldown menus to speed up and simplify the project planning stage. Likewise, its multiple timelines allow you to get the big picture across projects and tasks and their progress towards milestones.

Each timeline can be assigned to specific data and shared with project stakeholders. And with access from various desktop and mobile devices, you can quickly view project data anywhere you are connected to the system. Great integration It connects to a wide range of Microsoft software products. It leverages Skype to enhance project communication, and works with Office. Ready to use You get to use built-in templates that are also customizable to your specs, a great way to get the project up and running fast.

Moreover, the templates are the product of best practices, so there is no need to reinvent the wheel. You also get out-of-the-box reports that you can share with your teams. Reports like burndown charts, financials and Gantt charts are available and can be viewed across devices. Experienced-based UI and feature set Microsoft Project is designed by people who have managed real-life projects and know that some things and processes are always changing.

Thus with this tool, adding new tasks or revising the organization of a project midway through will be an easy thing to do. Adaptive to different scenarios It is extremely intuitive and offers great balance of usability and complexity. Project is used in various industries including manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, construction, retail, financial services, government, and health care.

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Team members can update task status, share documents, and communicate on projects Submit timesheets to capture project and non-project time spent for payroll, invoicing, and other business purposes Fully installed, up-to-date Project desktop application. One license covers up to 5 PCs per user Plan projects with familiar scheduling tools like Gantt charts and built-in customizable templates to get you started Track and monitor project health including everything from burndown charts to financials Save your projects to the cloud for ease of access and seamless collaboration with your team Assign resources to project tasks and request and lock in resources Manage demand by capturing and evaluating project ideas from anywhere in the organization through a standardized process Use advanced analytics to choose project proposals that best align with strategic goals and honor constraints Ensure optimal allocation of resources across projects Use out-of-the-box portfolio reports to gain portfolio performance insights Project Online Essentials.

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Microsoft Project is the world’s most popular project management software developed and sold by Microsoft. The application is designed to assist project. Microsoft Project Online is a project and portfolio management software to identify bottlenecks, forecast resource needs, and many more. In reality, Microsoft Project is meant for actual PMPs. And on today’s teams, many people aren’t professional project managers, but are building.

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