Windows 10 Group Policy Editor Administrative Templates missing

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May 25, Freeware 3. Power users might want to enable the gpedit. Fortunately, solutions can be found. On a system with a bit architecture, the setup process should run smoothly and soon enough the Group Policy Editor should appear on screen when typing ‘gpedit.
gpedit windows 10 home

How to enable gpedit.msc (Group Policy) on Windows 10 Home devices

Policy Plus: When you change the settings of a policy, the editor immediately makes changes to the associated registry parameter. Instead of looking for the necessary key and manually editing the registry parameter, it is much easier to find and edit the setting in the gpedit. The GPO editor contains more than two thousand Windows settings, which are located in a coherent hierarchy, have a detailed description and offer predefined configuration options for selection. In this table, you can find which registry key to use for a particular policy setting.

All applied settings of local policies are stored in registry. You can convert these pol files into a convenient text format using the lgpo. Some time ago I found a third-party installer of the gpedit. It can also be used in Windows 10 described in a separate section of this article , but in Windows 10 Home there is a hide opportunity to install the gpedit.

To install the local group policy editor in Windows 10 in Home edition, open a command prompt as administrator and run the following commands in sequence: You can download the installation archive here: In the installed version of the gpedit. There may be no new policy settings that appeared after Windows 7, for example, a policy related to the recent problem with credssp.

In addition, there is only the English version of the GPO editor. Windows 10, Windows 8. You can download the utility from the GitHub: As you can see, the Policy Plus console interface is very similar to the gpedit. The Policy Plus functionality significantly exceeds the capabilities of the standard policy editor gpedit. This operation is a must-do for users of Home editions of Windows 10, since the most of the administrative template files are missing.

Policy Plus has a convenient built-in policy search. You can search by text, policy description, related registry keys. It is quite convenient that with the help of the built-in Element Inspector you can see which registry keys are changed by one or another policy and the possible values of the registry parameter.

Policy Plus: An alternative to the Group Policy Editor

I needed to toggle windows features which can be done via Group Policy Editor but my system didn’t come with it pre-installed. I used this guide to install it: I followed the next section and installed and ran the additional. Then I saw they had another method on here: Changing any of the group policies didn’t actually have any effect on my system whatsoever. I was unable to disable Cortana with it and had to use a regedit script.

VIDEO: How to enable in Windows 10 Home? – Microsoft Community

Windows 10 Home users have no access to due to restrictions applied to the OS. Here is a simple and elegant solution that allows. There are a lot many differences between the professional and home editions of Microsoft Windows Ranging from enhanced networking. with the Group policy editor in Windows 10 Home Edition.

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