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Once they are used, they are bound to the account that was logged in at the time of initial activation. You do not need to create a new Uplay account. If you are receiving this error, chances are you have more than one Uplay account. You can simply log in to your other known Uplay account s to find which one has the game registered. If you are trying to play a game originally purchased through Steam, you must first launch the game through the Steam application or a Steam game shortcut.
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To get fast results, enter keywords into the searchbar. Error message: Can’t load game. Please be advised, that you need to readjust your personal settings, like resolution, etc. This error can occur, after you save the game in combination with mods, which can trigger some errors.

If necessary, please install the latest patch from Updates Error message: It is likely, that this error was caused when upgrading the operating system. Some of your system files are corrupted and need to be replaced. When searching the internet, you may find files by other users who claim that by downloading them, you can solve the issue. We strongly recommend against downloading these files as they are not officially from Microsoft and can contain viruses.

The only secure option is to do a complete reinstallation of your operating system in order to restore the corrupted or missing files. Activation limit exceeded If you receive this error message when activating the game, it means that the game has already been activated on multiple devices or setups, Please note, that the game is a single user license and should only be used on one PC.

If you have any doubts, please send us your product key and tell us where you purchased it. My product cannot be activated Should the “continue” button stil be greyed out after you have entered the key, there probably is a typo in it. Please make sure you have entered the product key correctly. Note that you need to include the hyphens, i. The key is also case-sensitive. Sometimes a 6 looks like a b on the print.

Put a 6 instead, whenever you read a b. If you can’t get it to work, then please send us a photo of your key so we can check it for errors. Download limit exceeded If you receive this error message when attempting to download the product, please send us an email indicating the product key and the error message. Game is not installed When this error message appears, either the update was not downloaded in the correct language or you have recently performed a system upgrade that led to problems from Windows 7 to Windows 10 for example.

In order to correct the issue, please reinstall the game as well as the latest patch in the same language with your administrator rights. The latest patch can be found in updates My product key has been temporarily blocked Please note that every player in the multiplayer game mode needs to have a separate key. If a key is used multiple times it gets banned temporary. If you are still having problems regarding this topic please send us your activation key via email.

Shader Model 3. It is related to issues with the graphics card. First of all, please check if your graphics card meets the minimum requirements. Should that be the case, please check if the latest graphics card drivers are installed. The latest drivers for your card can be installed from here Should the message continue to appear, then there are still several options that can be tested.

Our customer support contact details below will gladly have a closer look on your case and can give you practical tips. Please provide as much details as possible so that we can identify your problem quickly.

More information can be found on the manufacturers homepage. Please note that we cannot give you any purchase advice and that we cannot be held liable in the case of incompatibility. I cannot establish a connection to a multiplayer game General troubleshooting This message can appear in several cases: First of all, please make sure that you use the same game version as the host player. You can download the latest update on Updates It is also important to check the filters setting, You might have not given the right information in order to find the desired game when you used the in-game filters.

Do you use any mods? You also have to use the exact same mods as the host player. Last but not least, the player that hosts a network game might not have properly setup the port forwarding at his router. Please activate the UPNP option on your router or cable modem. The default port of Farming-Simulator is: If you changed the default port you also Need to use the new port on your router or cable modem.

Please check the manual of your router or your cable modem in order to get instructions on how to configure port forwarding. Please see one of the available guides, such as Portforward.

Only for console players: Please make sure that your network setup allows traffic though the following ports:

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When you add the Game Key on your Steam Client, the game will be added to your library, then you can download all your Steam PC videogames for free and at any time. You can participate to these tests by adding comments about your digital download purchase in the store review page. The game is set in the fictional world of Falana, a place inhabited by anthromorphic animals. You will control the main character, Dust, and you will help him remember his past. With him is Fidget, the guardian of his sentient sword, the Blade of Ahrah.

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Hi, I found no activation code after activating my email either in email or in your web page. Only thank for activating and no activation code at. Buy Child of Light: Star Dust Pack [Online Game Code]: Read 1 Everything Else Reviews Uplay account required for game activation and installation. We send you an activation code for 3 medium cosmic dust items once per month [ via PM on Patreon] ○ Patreon badge near your nickname in our official Reddit.

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